Kungfu Magazine 2000 June

Cover Story:
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman, Wah Lam Temple's Heritage Flows from Pui Chan to Mimi Chan

By Martha Burr

Feng Shui for Kungfu Schools - Part Four
By Wilson Sun (Translated by Gigi Oh, with Gene Ching)

Buddha's Kitchen
By Alvina Hsu & Flora Parhizgari

Top 10 Superfoods for Summer
Dandelion, Delicious and Nutritious

1st New England International-Chinese Martial Arts Championships
Last Event of the Millennium!

Grandmaster Lam Jo Celebrates 90th Birthday
By Ben Hunter

Monkey King for a Day-My Beijing Opera Training
By Damon Honeycutt

More Postcards from China (Part 1)-Kungfu Touring to the Origins of
Chin Woo, Baji, and Yang Taiji
By Martha Burr

Understanding the Wing Chun Punch
By Benny Meng

Choy Lee Fut's Family Style-Four Generations from Chan Heung to Fu Hang Ng
By Wayne Carisi

The Arresting Hands of Lan Shou, A Chinese Tradition
By Jane Hallander

Ten Tigers of Guangdong and the Knight Hero Lama Pai Kungfu Part II: Guangdong and America
By David A. Ross

,a href="http://www.kungfumagazine.com/ezine/4_4/sectionstaff.html"> Triple Threat-The Lethal Three Section Staff of Kungfu
By Gene Ching

Tyler Jones: The Little Leopard of Arkansas, Portrait of a 10-Year Old Champion
By Steve Jones and Chris Givins

Law Hon Gong: The Monk's Strength, Breathing Exercises of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
By Jon Funk

Marrow Purification Exercises
By Shi Guolin

Simplified Taijiquan in 24 forms(Part 3)
Featuring Gao Jiamin
By Martha Burr

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