Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine September 1999

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Cover Story:
Hip Hop Fist
Wu-Tang Chan's RZA and his Sifu, Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming

Bridging the Gap Between Hung Gar and Wing Chun
The Histories, Mythologies and Techniques of Two Southern Systems

Beginner's Luck
A Journey into Tai Chi Chuan

The Remarkable General Ts'ao Ts'ao
Ancient China's Most Brilliant Military Mind

Kung Fu and Black Cinema of the 70's
Reflections with Carl Scott, Ron Van Clief, Fred Williamson and Rudy Ray Moore

The Awesome Power of the Kwan Dao
The Han Dynasty Weapon that Cuts Through the Centuries

Karaoke Kung Fu and Break Dancing at Shaolin
The 37th Chamber of Shaolin

Wu Dang v.s. Shaolin - Kungfu Legends Behind the Movies
The intertwining Mythologies of History and Legends

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing
Ancient Qigong of the Shaolin Monks (Part II)

Nothing Mythical about the Healing Power of Qigong
An Interview with Master Qinyin and her Qin-Way to Health and Sublimation

U.S. Team Trials 1999-From Houston to Hong Kong (Part I)
Taolu and Sanshou Results

Cung Le Headlines ESPN2's "Strikeforce"

New Kungfu Cornerstone Set in Florida
The 1999 International Chinese Martial Arts Championship

Tiger's Tale Talk

Tiger's Tale

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