Kungfu Magazine 2001 November/December

Cover Story:
The Big Jet Li Interview
Jet Talks Candidly About His New Movie: THE ONE, Kung Fu for Good and Evil, and the Philosophy Behind it All
By Martha Burr

Meet Corey Yuen (aka Yuen Kwai)
The Inside Scoop Behind the Scenes of THE ONE
By Dr. Craig T. Reid

The Line and the Circle:
Comparing the Fighting Arts with Hsing I vs. Bagua
By Frank Allen

The Art and Soul of Hsing I/Ba Gua
The Fascinating Chronicle of Real Life Heroes,Real Kung Fu
By Wayne Carisi

The Xingyi Long Spear
The Da Qiang, Longest of the Long Weapons,Trains Explosive Power
By Fukui Yang and Bob Feldman

Dragon Whips His Tail: Bagua and Qi Cultivation
Bagua Circle Walking as a Qigong Art
By Tao Jianyun

Single Palm Change and Golden Dragon: Bagua Zhang, The I Ching, and Chinese Mythology
By Bill Lewitt

Deadly Hands
An Interpol Officer's Fight for Justice
By David Bannon, Ph. D.

The Three Families of Wing Chun Motions in Chi Sao Bridging the Art with Tan, Bong and Fok
By Augustine Fong and Joy Chaudhuri

Self-Defense and Young Children
By David Bannon, Ph. D.

Internal Edge
The Unseen Tai Chi Broadsword
By Gene Ching

Just Make A Circle
The Ultimate Self-Defense For Wormen
By Allan David Ondash and Charles Yurkin

Xiao Luohan (Part III) Performed by Shi Guolin
Text by Gene Ching (Xing Long)

Born To Fight
Cung Le's First Sanshou Shootout
By Gigi Oh with Gene Ching

Texas Taiji
Jimmy Wong's Taiji Legacy 2001

By Gene Ching

Kungfu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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