Kungfu Magazine 2002 January/February

Kungfu Magazine 2002 January/FebruaryCover Story:
Transformation of a Monk
Shaolin Star Zhang Li Peng (aka Shi Xing Peng) Comes to Brooklyn

By Martha Burr

Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin
A special message to the readers of Kungfu Qigong
By Abbot Shi Yongxin (Translated by Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

The Elders - Shaolin's Senior Grandmaster Venerable Shi Suxi
By Gene Ching

The State of Shaolin Temple
Karmic Wheel Keeps Turning
By Martha Burr and Gene Ching

(The Wild, Wacky World of) The 7th Shaolin Temple International Festival
By Gene Ching and Martha Burr

The Guardian at the Temple Gate
Shaolin's "Top Ten" Grandmaster Liang Yiqian
By Gene Ching

Thoughts on Zen and Kungfu
By Shi Guolin

Shi Yan Ming Takes on Disciples
By James Richards (Hengzi)

The Big and The Small
Self-Defense Techniques of Shaolin Red Fist
By Gene Ching (Xing Long)

Self-Defense Shaolin Style
Traditional Qin Na for Combat
By Chen Xing Hua and Madonna St. Clair

Can Traditional Shaolin and Modern Wushu Exist Together?
Shaolin Monk Shi Xing Hao Speaks Out
By Dieter Wagner (Xing Da)

Shaolin's Monkey King
Shi Xing Ying's New Journey to the West
By Madonna St. Clair

Shaolin Pek Kwar
Top Kungfu Fighting Secrets of the Imperial Guard Revealed
By Chan Kai Leung

The Crutches of War
Bodhidharma's Legendary Fighting Cane
By Gene Ching

Hip Hop and the Dharma
Shi Guolin's Disciple Jamel Brown Brings it All Together
By Martha Burr

Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America
New PBS Documentary Coming This Spring
By Martha Burr

High-Flying Soldier Monks Amaze in Shaolin: Wheel of Life
Chinese Martial Arts Spectacular Leaps, Kicks and Spins On Thirteen's Great Performances

Xiao Luohan Part IV Performed by Shi Guolin,
Text by Gene Ching (Xing Long)

Shaolin Chan Mi Broadsword Harmony with the Universal Energy
By Professor Chen Zhiming and Bob Sikora

Buddha's Kitchen
Hot Peanut Noodles of Shi Guolin
By Shi Guolin

Shaolin - Taiji Spirit - 5th U.S. Open International Martial Arts Championship a Success
Shawn Liu Once Again Shines Spotlight on Sanshou
By Martha Burr

2001 U.S. Open Kuoshu/Martial Arts Championships a SF Success
Grandmasters Lily Lau and Richard Lee Team Up for Top Results
By Martha Burr

Kungfu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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