Kungfu Magazine 1993 Summer

Summer 93

Ming Lum, Martial Arts Ambassador
Godfather to Two Generations
by Roger D. Hagood

Free Sparring
by Sifu Anthony Goh

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Jing:
Trained Power
by Sifu Gene Chen

Contemporary Wushu
He Weiqi,
Wushu Coach Extraordinaire
by Sifu Nick Gracenin

6 Harmonies and 6 Body Arts
by Sifu George Xu with Steve Doob

Shuai Chiao
Infighting part 3
by Dr. Chi Hsiu Weng, Ph.D.

Pa Kua Chang
Total Combat for Total Fitness
by Sifu Adam Hsu

Success in Teaching
by Sifu Anthony Goh

Organizational Reports:
North American Chinese Martial Arts Federation - Sifu Anthony Goh
US Chinese Kuoshu Federation - Mike Onuschak
AAU ? Sifu Phillip Starr
Traditional Wushu Association - Marie Anthont

Open Forum:
Traditional Baji System - Kau Yu
Ming Lum: Martial Arts Ambassador - Roger Hagood
US Open Martial Art Tournament - Dennis Bone

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