Kungfu Magazine 2002 September/October

Kungfu Magazine 2002 September/October Cover Story:
The Quest for Longevity
A Taoist Perspective

By Francesco Garri Garripoli

Taoist Cinema
Wudang's Mythical Rivalry
By Dr. Craig D. Reid

Zhen Wu
The Dark and Perfected Warrior
By Gene Ching

The Secret Wudang Salute Revealed
By Gene Ching

Mystical Wudang Mountain
From Shaolin Nemesis to Crouching Tiger
By Gene Ching

Zhang Sanfeng
The Father of Tai Chi Chuan and Wudang Kungfu
By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh

Life on Wudang Mountain
The Making of a Modern Taoist Priest
By John Pinna

Wudang Taijidao
By Harold H. Lee

The Aging Martial Artist
By Rick Royster

The Qi Gong Methodology of Lu Shui
Tian and the Role of Kou Bu Bai Bu Qi Gong
By Francis Hriadil

Healing World of Chi Gong - (Part 1)
Neurometers and Electrmagnetic Fields Explain Part of the Theory
By Dr. Craig D. Reid

Tai Chi Spirit
Tai Chi and Tao Te Ching
By Peter Gryffin

Cardio Tai-Chi
By Diane Hong Do

Journey to Beijing
Learning the New International Compulsory Routines
By Bruce Fontaine

Where There's Smoke....
The Fighting Smoking Pipe of Kungfu
By Gene Ching

Get a Grip
Joint Lock Counters of Chen Taijiquan
By Chen Xinghua

Snake Vs. Crane
Channeling Animals to Battle
By Nic Heggen

San Diego Nationals
Hawaiian Spirit and Expanding Horizons

Lions and Tigers and Bear
The 10th Annual U.C. Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

By Gene Ching

The Soup of Immortality
Tasty Chinese Herbal Soups Nourish Your Body
By Kevin LaHue

Kungfu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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