Kungfu Magazine 1995 Winter

Kungfu Qigong 1995 WinterCover Story:
Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen: The Kung Fu of five Ancient systems

By Harlan Lee
Fut Ga teaches to strike in threes ? to not be satisfied with one hit, but to follow up with at least two more strikes.

Kungfu Mind ? Multi-Dimensional Mind!
By Adam Hsu
Kung fu is a very sophisticated martial art. Its training doesn't simply teach people to fight, nor is it just the art of killing. Kung fu's skills were created and refined over many centuries for the humble purpose of surviving life-or-death combat.

The fight of A Lifetime
By Scott Wong
Recently, I faced may fiercest, most devastating, most unbeatable opponent. As a martial artist, I've always prided myself on my ability to avoid potentially injurious situations ? and if I couldn't avoid it, surely I would dominate in any physical confrontation ... or so I thought

Does Westernization Equal Modernization?
By Marie Anthony
Usually when we talk about Wushu's relevance to modern times, we concentrate on how it can improve ourselves and our society. Of course, those of us who love the art have a lot to say about that.

Liu Ho Pa Fa
By Wai Lun Choi
We are human beings, not animals. We cannot emulate the animals? physical attributes. We do not have the strength of tigers and bears; we do not have fangs and claws and beaks. There are no dragons in the real world. What the kung fu practitioner aims for when he executes animal forms lies far deeper. It is to get into the mind and spirit and instinct of an animal.

The Lion?s roar: Lama Pai Kung Fu
By David a Ross
Though little is known about the Lama Pai ? also called Lion?s Roar ? Kung fu system while it was in Tibet and Qinghai, the stories of this style?s creation and first generation have remained intact.

Southern Praying Mantis Six Short Powers
By Henry Poo Yee
The short-range powers are only developed by daily practice. The feet, the body, and the hands must balance each other before you can have the strength.

Wing Chun for Today's Streets:
The Six Zone Safeguard System
By Philip Holder
The wing chun system is efficient and economically practical. Its only drawback is that the penalties paid by an attacker are extreme and severe. For this reason, the Six Zone Safeguard System ? traditional streetwise personal protection based on Wing Chun concepts ? has both "control" and "survival" response levels within its format.

Shaolin and Immortal?s blood Heaven?s Chi Dim Mak
By James Lacy and Lindsay Anglen
Because the Saolin is more external, moving the chi to protect the body from physical attack ? a type of iron body. Conversely, the Immortal's Blood system's internal emphasis needs the meditations to product chi destruction ability to adequately penetrate the points.

High Blood Pressure:
Case Studies on Qigong?s Effects
By Kenneth Sancier
Though growing older is inevitable, many of the health declines associated with increasing in years are not. Clinic research indicates that qigong can slow down and even reserve what is commonly thought of as the natural aging process by preventing or retarding certain pathological processes.

Xiao Zhou Tian: Body Unverse Circulation
By Shi Yue
Body universe circulation ? xiao zhou tian in Chinese ? is the essence of Chinese qigong

Free-Form Qigong
By Effie Chow
Let your body, mind and spirit flow in unison with nature's qi. With practice, you will awaken the sensitivity and spontaneity.

Shawn Kung: Short, Simple, and Effective!
By Ji Qiao
Shawn kung is different from other forms of Chinese chi kung. Shawn kung is less formal and does not require the exerciser to focus his attention on any particular part of the body: as a result, you can practice shawn kung during leisure time.

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