Kungfu Magazine 1995 Summer

1995 Summer Cover Story:
Salute to Wushu
Amy Chow, Woody Wong, and Cung Le are three competitors destined to shine at the 1995 Wushu World Championships

Every Little Thing Counts
The best make it look easy. Seeing wushu champions work their forms, you feel that you're in the presence of a special breed of competitor

Sword Polisher's Record: I'm Your Grandpa
Good or bad, one is called "sifu" as soon as one starts teaching. But "master" is not a reliable title. In actually, it's become a sensitive signal to some people

Traditional Wushu Association Report: The Duel
Wushu was developed and employed over centuries as a fighting art. Its combat technique and fundamental principal-the art's heart and soul-are still relevant in our modern times; without them, wushu for health and recreation can deliver only a limited portion of its benefits to even the most conscientious practitioner

Southern Fists and Norther Legs
The common phrase "souther fists and norther legs," wile not without some validity, is a harsh generalization

Gerk Jong
The gerk jong, or star dummy, is Wing Chun's tool for improving leg skills. Although an important Wing Chun tool, it is rarely seen

Contact Manipulation
The roots of kenpo lie in the Chinese systems of the past. This is significant, for it indicates that kenpo was designed to address the four stages in a combat situation: out of range, within range, contact penetration, and contact manipulation

Shattering the Myths: Chinese Wushu Kung Fu Through the Ages
Various schools, both ancient and modern, have sought to "ennoble" their origin by attributing their foundings to ancient and famous masters

Vital Point Striking: Chinese Thoughts from the Early Twentieth Century
To learn how to strike vital points, the martial artist must first condition the fingers, memorize the exact location of each point and remember the circumstances of blood flow

The Marital Artist's Greatest Enemy
I feel it in my bones and know it by my memory. As I tear off the desk calendar, the papers become fewer and fewer, inspiring me to rip into my forms; I face the martial artist's greatest enemy: time

Qigong for the Computer Age
A computerized Qigong Database has been developed by the Qigong Institute, East West Academy of Healing Arts. Through it, speakers of English will have access to the qigong research performed primarily in China

The Body Breathing, Walking Arts and Sleeping Arts
Breathing is essential to life. Everyone knows this, but few people know that there are many different breathing styles

Meditation: A Qigong Essential
Next to posture and breathing correctly with the diaphragm, meditation is probably the most important supportive practice in the development of our qi

The 28 High Level Iron Palm Standing Meditation
Every legitimate martial arts system places basics at the core. Regardless of your individual system, all these basics can be improved through the 28 high level iron palm standing mediations-martial meditaions that can be preformed individually or in sets

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