Kungfu Magazine 2004 September/October
Jet Li: HERO

By Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

Kungfu Tai Chi September/October 2004 Cover Story:
Jet Li - From White House to Gold Mansion

By Dr. Craig Reid ("Hero" photos are ?2004 Miramax Films)

Twelve Bridge Hands
By Donald Hamby

CLF vs. Multiple Attackers
By Eric Robert Olson

Choy Lay Fut 2 Fists vs. Multiple Attackers
By Joe Keit

The Little Girl Who Went to the White House:
Master Lu Yan and the Beginning of the Beijing Wushu Team
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

The Other Boy Who Went to the White House:
Beijing Wushu Team's Chief Coach Cui Yahui
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

Why Learn Chinese Swordsmanship in this Age of Smart Bombs and Terrorism?
By Steven M. Roth

Tai-Chi Chuan's Splitting Technique
Utilizing Directional Pairs for Effortless Throws & Take-downs
By Nick Masi, M.A.

The Lady of Taiji: Siu-Fong Evans
By Abraham Liu

This Bea-Bea is Right on Target
By Dr. Craig Reid

Inner Circle Concepts of Wing Tzun
By Vivian Wong Bourren with Hector Bourren

The New U.S. Traditional Kung Fu Wushu Federation is Founded
By Gene Ching (with Eddie Chau)

Antigone Falun Gong Sophocles meets Martial Arts in a Wild and Futile Action
By Nic Heggen

Traces of the Dragon: Jackie Chan?s New Movie Benefits Self-Help for the Elderly
By Gene Ching

Wushu Conquers the Golden Gate:
The 12th Annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament
By Gene Ching

The White Leopard Turns Golden:
Johnny Lee Celebrates 30 Years in the USA
By Adam Reed

Shaolin Demonstration Kicks Off Martial Arts Channel
By Lance Necaise

Fist Nest Guard the Heavenly Mother:
The 2004 Taichung County Mazu International Festival
By Gene Ching (with Dr. Daniel Weng)

Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)


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