Kungfu Magazine 2006 March/April

By Kungfu Magazine 2006 March/April

Kungfu Tai Chi 2006 March/AprilCover Story
Taiji Principles for Business & Life
A Martial Arts Profile of Jonathon Miller - CEO AOL

By Stephan Berwick

Quantum Kung Fu
By Tim Heuertz

The Warrior Returns
Using Jeet Kune Do Concepts to Heal as Well as Combat
By Seward Clayton Worley

Wing Chun Unity
By Benny Meng, Don Grose, John Widener, and John Sterling

Exploring the Source of Calling Crane
By Lin Yin Shu

Featured Weapon
Jian Dao
By Gene Ching

Real Taiji Combat
From the Mountains to the Street
By Dr. Craig Reid

Xingyi?s Dadao
The Lost Legacy of the Big Blade Troop
By Gene Ching (with Tony Chen and Gigi Oh)

Origins of the Hakka People and Their Martial Arts
By Adrian Chan-Wyles

Beijing Wushu Team 2005
Photo by Kevin Ho

Yuan Tai Chi Pai Da Qi Gong
By Kit Anstine

Tournaments - Events - News
The Olympic Dream May Be Over but the Beijing Wushu Team Still Flies High
By Gene Ching

The 10th Anniversary of the Shaolin Temple Overseas
By Hsi-Ling Chang

Live on Stage! Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu
By August West

Wind & Water
Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle
Kung Fu Horoscope
by Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom
Jing Qi Shen By Chen Zhen Lei


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