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The 5th strategy - Shaolin Fan Chin Na: the Art of Anti-Grabbing by Chris Friedman ~ You've seen the photos and videos. Now read Publisher Gene Ching's personal take on 2017 KFTC25 AF....Part One. ~ Showing now on Thursday nights! MAN AT ARMS: ART OF WAR – A New Original Series on EL REY Network Starring ME! by Gene Ching. ~ Who says 'Tai Chi can't fight?' Read Tai Chi’s Nick Osipczak Answers Xu Xiaodong’s Defeat of Wei Lei by Andrew Judge ~ Daniel Wu was a special guest for the Kung Fu Tai Chi 25th Anniversary Festival's Grandmasters LIVE! Read INTO THE BADLANDS: Daniel Wu on the Sunny Side of Life by Gene Ching. ~ Man, you come right out of a comic book. Read The Kung Fu of Comic Cons 2017 – Silicon Valley Comic Con 2.0 by Gene Ching ~ What happens when Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror & Cung Le get together in one film? JuJu knows. Read JuJu Chan on SAVAGE DOG by Corey Danna ~ There are over 500 exclusive articles in our archive. Help us continue to expand by sharing and 'liking' our free access offerings!

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Thank you to everyone who supported the Kung Fu Tai Chi 25th Anniversary Festival, May 19-21, 2017, San Jose, CA. It was an overwhelming success. A full report plus a FREE EXCLUSIVE DVD for subscribers will be in our SEPTEMBER+OCTOBER 2017 issue.

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