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  1. Rip sifu lam

    I thought I had more time...

    There's been so many wonderful eulogies written by friends and family about the passing of my Sifu Lam Kwong Wing. Like so many others, he had a great influence on my life. This is about the man I knew...

    His passing was too soon and he was too young. Sifu Lam was truly a scholarly martial artist. He didn't just sit on his skill, he always strived to learn more and improve. He told me to never stop learning, to keep improving and always ...
  2. Tai Chi Maxims

    In reference to video:
    Sun Tai Chi Application Repulse Monkey

    Originally Posted by Rebel Wado

    I am liking the attention to details you include in your videos.

    From what I've seen, you appear to use a lot of the "partner set" type of training that goes sort of like: Partner A attacks, partner B counters, partner A counters the counter, partner B counters the counter to

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  3. On Keeping the Shoulders Relaxed

    On Keeping the Shoulders Relaxed
    October 2, 2012
    Everyone in CMA says "relax the shoulder and sink the elbow"...but some don't know what to feel or how to achieve it.

    Stand about arm length away from a wall and push with say one of your palms; Right palm flat against the wall for example with your fingers aligned upwards (Index finger at least shoulder height)

    To train this feeling... sink your arm down and extend it slightly out of the shoulder ...
  4. Taiji splitting elbow talk

    Taiji splitting elbow talk

    Youtube video reference:

    September 16, 2014
    Thanks for the comments Audi

    I think we're all the same...most of us in the Martial Arts world i.e., "we love to keep learning". If you have any references on your patterns, maybe videos or articles I'd love to check them out. Much appreciated.

    About what you said: "one thing I might do differently ...
  5. In Terms of Taiji Root and Center

    These are posts I made from a different forum but I wanted to post them:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bao
    A few meetings lately have made me thinking about my own flaws and gaps. (Yeah, I have a lot of those )
    One of the things I am trying to understand better is the relationship between root/ground and the center. My teachers focused much on rooting, but less on developing
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