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Why vertical fist?

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arm break sounds like a fantasy move.
Many years ago in one Chicago workshop, a boxer walked to an old man and said, "I training boxing. If I use boxing on you, what will you do?" The old man said, "come and show me." The old man started to use continuous left and right front heel kicks to force the boxer to step back against the wall.

- When the boxer through a right punch toward the old man's face,
- the old man used his left hand to push on the boxer's right punching elbow,
- used his right hand to catch his right wrist.
- The old man then extend his left arm under the boxer's right arm,
- put the back of his left palm on the left side of the boxer's chest.
- The old man rotated his body to his right, used his left arm to put pressure on the boxer's right elbow joint.
- The boxer's right elbow joint was "cracked".

Next day, the boxer came to the workshop with his right arm hung from his shoulder.

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