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Thread: Karate

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    Kristoffer Guest



    "maybe not in combat..... but think of the chicks man, the chicks!"

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    Repulsive Monkey Guest


    ...give it a miss if I was you. There's more effective arts around.

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    honorisc Guest

    Thoughts on Karate

    Awesome fighting potential if you have innovativeness. Good for increased awareness and appreciation of life~ my say.

    Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    Sil Lum Palm Guest
    Karate can be a great art if your teacher has good teaching qualities. Karate is allways enhanced my Internal exercises. Corporate some Chi Gung exercises, and maybe a little chin na and you'll have yourself a package.

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    phantom Guest
    I think the vast majority of karate styles will not be very effective against someone who has some fighting training. I feel that kyokushinkai is an exception to the rule. Some kyokushinkai practitioners have faired well against some of the best kinds of fighters there are, including Muay Thai and wing chun guys. I believe that Tae Kwon Do and Ed Parker's Kenpo can do a good job of helping you to improve upon another stlye. I do not think that they are very effective in and of themselves, however. They definitely would not be a good art to start off with, IMHO. Peace. :D

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    JerryLove Guest
    "Some kyokushinkai practitioners have faired well against some of the best kinds of fighters there are, including Muay Thai and wing chun guys."

    This begs several questions....

    What criteria are you using to determing that "Muay Thai and Wing Chun guys" are "some of the best kinds of fighters"?

    And *when* have "Some Kyokushinaki practitioners" faught such people, and what were their credientials?

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    phantom Guest
    Okay Jerry, now I go to admit that I do not know all of the details. However, three of Oyama's top student put themselves through the training regimen of the Thai's, yet they stuck to Kyokushin techniques. They fought three Muay thai guys, and two of them won.Muay Thai is recognized as one of the best striking arts there is, which is why I feel they are among the best fighters out there. Also, I have heard about a whole team of kyokushin guys who went up against a whole team of wing chun guys. When the Wing Chun guys tried to block The kyokushin guys' punches, they broke their arms. A kyokushin guy also told me that he defeated his wing chun instructor by throwing a series of low kicks against him. I do not know the guy personally, however. I just talked with him on a discussion board. Peace. :D

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    Budokan Guest

    My thoughts on karate

    I like it. It's not ineffective and it's as good an art as the teacher and the student taking it.

    That's right. It's the person, not the style, stupid.

    K. Mark Hoover

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    phantom Guest
    Budokan, I will have you know that I studied ****o-ryu for 4 years, was about ready to go for my first degree brown belt in it, and still did not feel that I could take care of myself very well. The school was very sport-oriented,so maybe that was what the problem was. However, the vast majority of karate schools in the United States also seem to be very sport-oriented. I have read about many matches between karate people and kung fu people, as well as between karate people and Muay Thai people. The kyokushin practitioners were the only karate people that ever won against the thais and kung fu practitioners.If you can cite examples of other karate styles doing well against trained fighters, then please enlighten me. I am not trying to flame here. I am just trying to get to the bottom of the truth. Peace :D

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    phantom Guest
    Oh how I wish there was a way that I could post my viewpoints without risking offending anyone. :(

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    Budokan Guest
    If you studied ****o-ryu for 4 years and still didn't feel like you could defend yourself then you were in a bad school. And you are right, most MA schools ARE sport oriented; it's tough to find a good one.

    But that shouldn't be viewed as a failure of ****o-ryu or karate in general--or of yourself. ;)

    K. Mark Hoover

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    omegapoint Guest

    Oh you take ****o Ryu

    Non-Ryukyuan ****o Ryu is a joke. It's like Japanese Goju with 50 Katas. How could an "art" like that ever be effective unless you were a good street fighter before entering it. It's just another "broke" version of Okinawan Karate (Shuri Te+Naha Te), Japanacised and cannibalized to make money on the free-market. Why don't you Einsteins research this isht before you take it? ****o Ryu is almost exclusively a competition style, with low stances and inefficient fighting principles. Please get some semblance of a clue before you spout. Remember RIF-Reading Is FUNdaMental!!! By the way Mas Oyama's Kyokushinkai is broke-assed Shotokan (Japanese Sport Shorin Ryu) with no more 100 man Kumite, so it's just like most Japanese Karate, useless in a real altercation (unless your fighting a know-nothing)!! Peac... Hold up, I'm not gonna waste that on a perpetually tempestuous dullard!!! :mad:

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    omegapoint Guest


    You idiots on this forum buff each others apples and give props to the most inane shiznit!!! I enjoy mentally engaging people and that seems to be lacking here. First one guy says that words are more physically painful than beat downs, bullets and bombs, then some Mensa member puts down Karate 'cuz he got duped into taking Japanese ****o Ryu"... No wonder the world is F'ed up, if you people are helping it to work then mankind is DOOMED.

    Even these freakin' POLYTRICKtians that run isht have got you tricked into believing you're somehow not in Pharoahs Egypt or Caeser's Rome! It's what you deserve, you'll never leave the U.S.A let alone your hometown or state, so you go on believin' you got it all figured out. Give those in power your money, mind and soul and perpetuate the STATUS QUO...DUMB FizUCKS!!! Of course this is not an indictment of everyone on this forum. The microcosm is a reflection of the Macrocosm, so only 90% of you all need be concerned...AAAAAAAAAAAAthptpppthftht :p !!!

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    Kristoffer Guest
    riiiiiight, chill everyone? :D
    I am just interested in how other kung fu students feel about karate. Uhmm, ok, so how is the Okinawan Karate (Shuri Te+Naha Te) different from the stuff we see out there now? is Shuri Te+Naha Te a rare art to find?

    "maybe not in combat..... but think of the chicks man, the chicks!"

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    Budokan Guest

    Rare arts

    I think so. There isn't any one person or group like , say, JKA, that promotes them. I do think they're still taught overseas but they haven't really gotten the run they deserve, IMO.

    K. Mark Hoover

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