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Thread: MMA "Survivor" series

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    Post MMA "Survivor" series

    ‘Survivor’ guru turns to martial arts

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety), Feb. 22 — “Survivor” supremo Mark Burnett is gearing up to create a martial arts reality franchise, and will begin pitching the project to broadcast and cable outlets in the next few weeks. Still in early development, the series will be built around an “Enter the Dragon”-style competition to find “the toughest man in the world,” said Eric Bischoff, who will serve as an executive producer.

    THE COMPETITION — which would incorporate sports such as kung fu, judo, karate and boxing — would be held at various far-flung locales. Burnett will translate the storytelling techniques used in “Survivor” to the new project, mixing in personal stories about the athletes with competition footage. Contestants will be eliminated on a weekly basis, leading to a finale to crown a martial arts champ.
    Unlike in the WWF, participants will all be real athletes, with the competition unscripted.
    “This arena blends the best elements of unscripted adventure programming — suspense and thought-provoking personal drama — with mind-blowing, fast-paced action and adventure,” Burnett said. “I see this as a contest of epic scale where it is as much about the rich characters as it is about who wins.”

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    Actually, I think this could be interesting. I do enjoy watching survivor. And just think how successful your school would be if you won a martial arts survivor contest!

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    This contest should be called King of Iron Fist. oh yeah, Tekken!!

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    Oh, brother. Yet one more reason for me NOT to watch television...
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    if they offer up real money, they're sure to get some good competitors. My guess is the BJJ guys will take it.

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    If they want interesting TV, then they'd better make it no more than thirty seconds on the ground. Otherwise it'll just be another ten minute dry-humping extravaganza for every fight.

    And WTF is this:

    which would incorporate sports such as kung fu, judo, karate and boxing
    Fu(king SPORTS!? Judo and boxing maybe... perhaps karate, but only in some areas.

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    Didn't know there even was a Romanian Survivor...

    Female MMA fighter breaks her male rival's NOSE with a vicious headbutt after she loses a challenge on Romanian reality TV show Survivor
    Ana Maria Pal, from Bacau, lashed out at rival contestant on Romanian Survivor
    MMA fighter had been taking part in a reward challenge to hit bricks from a wall
    She then delivered a brutal headbutt to rival Andrei Ciobanu and broke his nose
    PUBLISHED: 04:21 EST, 21 February 2020 | UPDATED: 09:34 EST, 21 February 2020

    A female MMA fighter broke her male rival's nose with a vicious headbutt - moments after she lost a challenge on Romanian Survivor.

    Ana Maria Pal, 26, from Bacau, had been taking part in a reward challenge on the reality TV show when her competitor Lola managed to complete the task first.

    But rather than accept her defeat gracefully, Ms Pal appeared to lose her temper when a man from the competing 'tribe' came over to console her.

    In a clip from the show, Andrei Ciobanu is seen walking over to the MMA fighter saying 'it's hard, Ana. It's hard!' moments after she suffered her defeat.

    Pal is the second-highest ranking MMA fighter in Romania and started fighting after becoming a mother at the age of 19.

    In the clip, MMA fighter Ana Marie Pal headbutts Andrei Ciobanu and reportedly breaks his nose after losing a challenge in Romanian Survivor

    As he continues to speak, Ms Pal lashes out at Mr Ciobanu - before delivering a powerful headbutt which reportedly broke the contestant's nose.

    The victim then falls to the ground clutching his face as Ms Pal throws a ball she was holding over her shoulder and storms away from the scene.

    Ms Pal was immediately booted off the show, which was filming in the Dominican Republic, after declaring that her rival 'deserved' the vicious assault.

    Producers of the Kanal D show said she had violated the rules of the competition with her unsportsmanlike gesture.

    The victim then falls to the ground clutching his face as Ms Pal throws a ball she was holding over her shoulder and storms away from the scene

    Ms Pal (pictured) was immediately booted off the show, which was filming in the Dominican Republic, after declaring her rival 'deserved' the vicious assault

    'I saw a terrible moment, a shocking moment. I saw a competitor hit in the face by another competitor,' the show's presenter Dan Cruceru told CanCan.

    'Unfortunately, Ana Pal lost her temper. What Ana did was a shocking gesture, a gesture that we hoped we would not see.

    'We will not tolerate such behavior in Survivor, and our decision was that Ana Pal should not return to the island.'

    Mr Ciobanu dubbed the attack a 'very ugly gesture', adding that the decision to remove her from the show was the 'right decision'.

    Ms Pal (pictured) reportedly turned to the sport after she became a mother when she was 19

    Another Romanian fighter, Diana Belbita, condemned Ms Pal's actions on Instagram after the incident aired on Tuesday.

    'I cannot agree with the gesture tonight of Ana Maria Pal,' she said. 'It is not a typical gesture for performance fighters and I would like to avoid generalising.'

    'If Ana made this gesture, she's the only one who takes it… This is not a typical gesture for a fighter, Ana Maria is the only one who assumes the consequences.'

    Ms Pal has a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) record of 2-3-0 and is ranked second of 15 'active' female fighters in Romania.
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