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Thread: Wu Gong Yee vs. Chan Hak Fu

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    Wu Gong Yee vs. Chan Hak Fu

    Has anyone herd of this fight that took place in 1954 against a white crane stylist and a wu tai chi master? It is apparently avalible on video. Does any know where to get this video?

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    That fight has been documented, discussed, analyzed, dissected and argued about from here to Bangkok and back again. Suffice to say its not worth finding the video or viewing it either. You'll be disappointed in the quality.
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    I got the vid, whhoooooohooooooo trust Walter Joyce, really, no need to get worked up...the quality of the movie is pretty bad, and I don't even mention the "fight"...
    I was almost ashamed of doing white crane!!
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    So where can you get it. And how long is the fight footage. Thanks.

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    Jan. 1954 White Crane-T'ai Chi Challenge Match

    The Autumn 2002 issue of the Qi Journal (Vol. 12, No. 3), a commonly available Qigong oriented magazine, has a long article about the match in question, an article which presents the viewpoint of both sides as well as the greater political and cultural significance of the whole thing to the time it was held.
    I don't call it a fight because it wasn't a fight, it was a challenge match with set rules, which ended up making the whole thing rather frustrating for those looking for a clear decision.
    There are no commercially available tapes of it available, to my knowledge.

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    Crimson, I think tai chi people were more embarassed.

    Imho, the Wu stylist got his butt kicked AND he didn't even use tai chi to fight.

    At least the white crane guy sort of stuck to his training.
    The tai chi guy's fighting technique reminded me of the video of those two cyclists "going at it".

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    Anyone know where one can get a run-down and pictures of the first Nanking tournament?

    That's the 1929 (?) tournament where the contest was stopped because too many people were seriously injured or killed and the Hsing I people were declared the winner because of the inordinate number of injuries they inflicted on their opponents.

    Naturally, a video would be nice but I seriously doubt it was filmed.

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    Round 1

    "Butt kicked?" Then why was the White Crane guy bleeding at the end of round 1 and not Wu? The match wasn't allowed to go on long enough for anything other than Ch'en to get a bloody nose and a bunch of bruises.

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    So he got popped on the nose.

    Obviously not the end of the world and I don't see how you can tell if a guy is bruised on the blurry black-and-white video clip.

    Anyway, the heavier Wu stylist wasted a lot of energy missing.

    The White Crane stylist landed most of his hits, though clearly not to great effect most of the time.

    However, did you see the number of times the Wu stylist got smacked into the ropes?

    Come on. I watched the video rooting for the taiji guy until I saw the fight.

    What an embarassment.

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    So Muppet where did you get the video.

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    hi everyone, i've recently viewed this clip and thought i might add some of my thoughts on the fight. i'm no expert and my thoughts are meant to be informative and for discussion for those ppl who are interested in having a useful productive chat about the fight.

    i have noted that the fight clip has copped alot of flack and been the subject of differing opinions from people with varying levels of knowledge and skill in the two styles or martial arts in general. here are my thoughts:

    first of all the two fighters had the guts to put up with no gloves and fight infront of a huge amount of spectators, recorded on television, for the purposes of a charity for hong kong - some sort of fire tragedy i believe from hearing the commentary. so kudos to them for having the guts and their hearts in the right places.

    secondly, it appears that the rules mainly confined both fighters to rely on striking techniques which i guess removes any resort to throws, takedowns, grappling, etc. the commentary mentioned towards the end of the second round that the fighters were breaching the rules as they were kicking above waist height shortly before the fight was stopped. so in spite of some opinions on MA forums there were more rules then just no eye gouging and groin striking

    from a subjective perspective i think the significance of the match, the number of spectators, the rules, their 'representation' of their respective styles and the televising of the fight probably affected the fighting ability and approach of both fighters

    the official and to me the final result was a draw so take that to those tai chi and non-ma related people who i have spoken to about the fight who informed me solidly that Ng Gong yee won the fight. :P.

    my thoughts on the fight itself:
    its not as bad as ppl particularly those with no or little knowledge of the two styles make it out to be.

    Mr Chan who apparently has had some boxing training was constantly moving around his opponent with short strides, making Mr Ng constantly having to re-adjust his guard in response. he often applied continuous striking using basic pak hok fist strikes the straight punch, the stamping fist, the chopping fist, the fisthook. some fist strikes he performed which hit the target might look odd to those not familiar with pak hok pai, but when performed properly involve body mechanics within the system which try to fully utilise the power, speed of the practitioners body.
    in the second round he put up a fist towards the opponent and used it to feint, when Mr Ng started attacking the arm by chopping downwards, he used it to propel his other arm into a fisthook which caught Mr Ng in the head. this is something sometimes used in the system.

    Mr Ng probably conserving energy due to his older age adopted a more defensive approach as the fight progressed except for the initial first few seconds in round 1 when he attacked. u will note that he was approx 50 yrs old or so at the time of the fight. his strikes were quick and relatively accurate. he was often able to partly avoid mr Chans' strikes or diffuse them when he was hit by going with the direction and force of the strike. i understand that his reliance mainly on boxing style jabs may cause some disappointment from people who are viewing the clip now 50 yrs onwards. i think the situation at the time and the rules may have affected the look of his fighting approach.

    both fighters were able to get in some solid hits against the other opponent and were also able to take some pretty solid hits from each other. they were able and willing to keep standing and continue with the fight until it was stopped. with consideration given towards the rules, the situation at the time, i think the fight
    is a good one to watch and one can learn things from. in any high pressure situation fighters will make mistakes and i'm sure mistakes were made in that fight too.

    if u still want the clip wizard let me know.

    ps i have also heard many many many different stories about the motives behind the fight, why it occurred etc. some differing to an alarming and highly contradictory degree. whatever the reason i think the most important thing now is that look at the fight learn something from it if u can. any useless dissing of the fighters is pointless and disrespectful. i respect two fighters who were willing to put up and fight out in the open for a charitable

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    Yes Friday I would like to see that clip. Thanks.

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    Lightbulb THE FIGHT

    I believe the gentleman asked
    for the clip, not opinions and commentary on
    said altercaton.

    So here you go. Merrt Christmas Wiz.

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    grow to fond of it."
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    Interesting thanks.

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    How many rounds was that? Three?

    looked like the same rounds from diffrent angles.


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