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Thread: Iron Crotch?

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    for you ****s who just can't get enough Iron Crotch !!!!

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    When do I get to learn some qigong?

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    You've gotta swing over to our side of the building when you hear us being beaten with the big stick!!!

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    With this stick ? But how do i get to know when that is going to happen? I don't know what time he is doing that at

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    sometimes it That one... other times it's this one .

    I thought everyone would hear us while we're getting smacked with a huge wooden stick.

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    i hate getting hit with a stick or hitting myself against a wall. its very annoying

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    Or you can afford THIS!!!

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    stick it!
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    GM Tu gave two free seminars here over the last two Saturdays (see our own calendar .) Sorry you missed them. If you start training with us, maybe someday you could tow your own truck.
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    missed him again....

    I'd just like to add my support for Master Tu and KFQG coverage of his methods and philosophies. I too, saw Master Tu pull Margie's truck (I was wondering who was the "lucky" person..., man I'd get a bumper sticker or something!) and I can attest to the reality of his training. What really impresses me, though, is that Tu Jin-Sheng is not just a master of pulling heavy objects with his equipment, but is a master of his life - it seems so well balanced, with martial kung, internal kung, music kung, medicine and the most incredible art and paintings... he certainly has set a higher standard of the term "master" for this humble-I, and has given me much to aspire to. (not that I should let my ambitions get in the way or anything, right??? )

    "It is wisdom to know others... enlightenment to know one's self.

    The conqueror of men is powerful, but the master of himself is stronger..." (Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - verse 33)

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    Herb Ox...

    Hey Dude... are you THE Herb Ox?
    of ROTR fame?

    I oversaw your... ahem, appearance on the "cover" of KFQ sort off on the night of the Monster truck PULL you mentioned...

    have you come out to any of GM Tu's seminars?

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    herb ox - not just bullion anymore

    Sifu of Design,

    Yes, you have figured out my (not so) secret identity...

    Are you referring to the "cover" the Lenape Brothers and I-self posed fo and then drew straws for the best copy? Are those files long gone?

    BTW - if you had any say on my "cover" appearance (with the brothers) slamming the log into Shi Guolin on the DVD's... Big Up & Thanks... otherwise, pls. give my thanks and praises to those who were involved

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    oh yeah...

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    heheh... that was such a Slammin' pict., Pun intended, I guess.

    I had some input, but that pic spoke for itself... it just had to be out to use... another case of being at the right place at the right time.

    Yeah, hung with the Bro's last November & it turned out their Mom gave away the cover pic... it's on my HD somewhere... I keep comming accross it every so often.

    So when are you & the little miss gonna be in the Bay area again?

    we should hang.

    but er... not like IRON CROTCH hang...
    Like how I swung that back on topic eh?

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    speaking of swinging...

    I fashioned a makeshift iron "hanger" out of a large eyebolt and a construction washer... I've got the sash, the silk "tie" and weights... but, do I really need the funny shorts to complete my 99 Power Practice?

    Now I just need the Video

    Hmm... seems like a gathering of the vibes is warranted! Perhaps a St. Patrick's day / full moon / equinox meeting???

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