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Thread: African martial arts

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    Motion Guest

    African Martial Arts.

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    JerryLove Guest
    Racist crap written by someone placing way to much faith in comic books.

    No comment on the supposed art.

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    8stepsifu Guest
    I'll second that, Its horsecrap. Road apples galore. They managed to combine karate, christ, and pankration BECAUSE OF THREE FRIGGIN LETTERS that they have in common.

    Let me try.

    Camel, Cammomile tea, and Camera.

    Obviously camels hold water. Cammomile tea is a way of drinking water and so the tea (holds water) and a camera hold onto something dear. Water is precious and therefor very dear to human life, so obviously cameras came from camels. :rolleyes:

    don't worry be happy

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest


    What is so racist about this particular site? Not once have I seen on this site, someone making comments of superiority. The author only stated what he believes is true, not only that, but there are several publications that do agree with what is written on this site. Such as the origins of the Greek Gods, which can be found in a book called the Black Athena, which I might add was written by a caucasian man. As far as the similiarities in the meaning of karate and what have you, that is neither here nor there.

    What is written on this site is no more racist than the Chinese stating that all martial arts come from shaolin, or that the greeks have the oldest written records of martial arts.

    What this author writes could very well be true, since it is a known fact that Africa is the cradle of life, it is the birth place of humanity, science, math, law, universities and civilization. So take a look around and tell me what the aboriginal people of Africa look like, and then tell me why is it not known or taught in the American school system, about the contributions that Africa and it's people have given to society. Then the word RACISM, becomes legitimate.

    What I thought to be the downside of the site, is that fact that there were no pictures on this particular style and that there was no mention of what this particular art's philosphy or techniques were. Also,the author concentrated to much on the origins of martial arts instead of the origins of Nuba Wrestling.

    As mentioned before, this site was not racist at all. Racism takes more than someone's thoughts or beliefs. In order for racism to be effective, it needs to be funded financially. Without the finacial backing, racism would not be effective at all. But when you have large corporations or governments who tell the masses, through media or propaganda, that this particular race of people or (fill in the stereotype), then it becomes effective even though the masses have never crossed or came into contact with said race. Now take me, someone without the financial backing, I do not have the means of being racist against anyone. However, I can change the thinking of some who are around me and say that this race, is (fill in the stereotype). Now what might happen, is that my friends may agree with me and take up there on ideas about said race. This is called prejudice, which stems from the words pre and judge. So therefore, I could only be prejudice.


    Je Lei Sifu :cool:

    The Southern Fist Subdues The Fierce Mountain Tiger

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    UberShaman Guest
    In my opinion this afrocentricity is just as racist as the european view. There was never a vast conspiracy to cover up black history. Africans kept a verbal record of there history that was handed down, and this is why most was lost. I dont believe that the view all martial arts came from shaolin is racist since that story begins with an indian starting it all.
    ALL Racism is wrong..

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    Ky-Fi Guest
    I don't think that theory could stand up to much serious academic scrutiny. It's one thing to say that ancient Africans had developed high levels of civilization, art, mathematics, etc.----I find that plausible. But it's a wild leap to then conclude that other races couldn't have come up with similar things independantly, so therefore Africa was the ORIGIN of every aspect of human culture and accomplishment.

    Also, I'm quite certain that an incredible small percentage of actual history has survived in the form of writings and artifacts---the truth is when you try go back into antiquity, there just aren't many pieces of the puzzle available, and a lot of these theories are just wild conjcture, or attempts to advance other agendas.

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    lordabu Guest
    oh screw you,

    africa may be the birth place of civilisation.


    India was the birthplace of numbers, maths, science. The oldest known university lies in India and origin of CMA

    so screw you......


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    old jong Guest
    What about the Mayas,the ancient Greek,the Incas,the Huns,the Romans,the Celts,the Vikings,the Maurish,the Slavics,the Amerindians,the Goths,the Innus,the Philistines,the....You get the idea?... :rolleyes:

    C'est la vie!

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    Siu Lung Guest

    Black Buddha?

    Indeed, a very interesting post. While many of this guy's assertations seems logical, most require swallowing with a grain or two of salt. It is very interesting, however, that the Buddha and Bodhidharma were black. Any Buddhist scholar cannot deny that MANY painted renderings, textual scripts, and sculpture portray these men with very "negroid" characteristics. I am Chinese and since childhood I could never figure out why all the temples have sculptures and paintings of African-looking men with large lips and noses, but wearing Chinese robes. The RZA noticed this on his trip to Wudang and Shaolin too. Anyway, maybe someone else has an explanation as to why there are black statues in the Buddhist (and Taoist) temples. Especially Bodhidharma.

    **Siu Lung

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    lordabu Guest

    yes the boddhidharma and buddha might have been black...... but remember the 'Dravidians' the civilisation that formed india or otherwise known as the 'indus civilisation' were black people and are still black today. ironically they say the darkest people in the world are some of the dravidian people. literally these people are black not the darkish brown of 'negroes'

    remember india has mainly four different trpe of races..... the dravidians (pure indians) , indo-aryans, the arabs (whatever they are), and the chinese/indo-aryan race (this race include the people up north who were indo-aryans mixed with the chinese race -whatever that is).

    other people claim that boddhidharma was a blue eyed aryan..... he was of 'indo-aryan' my post on 8stepsifus post "China the originality of all martial arts' i have posted something there explaining how indo-aryans came to exist.

    boddhi was just showing both sides of his race....

    or maybe he was black BUT indian black...?!

    buddha is likely to be more 'pure' than the boddhidharma because as time went on fusion of the two races of aryans and dravidians continued...and buddha was much earlier in civilisation....though this doesnt have to be true..


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    JerryLove Guest
    "What is so racist about this particular site?"

    Umm..."Black people all over the world study Kung-Fu" is the beginning of a paragraph on why people should drop the arts of foreign races and study their own...

    "The entire scope of the African origins of the martial arts" Could just be a factual error, but feels rather Africentric in light of the tone of the site.

    Honestly, I stopped reading at this point. Since his whole issue seemed to be on the accomplishments of Africans from the perspective of how they were earlier/better than other races. He had already set such a racist tone, I had/have no further interest.

    And there are african fighting arts that interest me.

    abu - "India was the birthplace of numbers, maths, science."

    Same to you buddy. And there is an excellent case that the oldest martial arts and math are in the Middle East and northern Africa, just from the spread of ****Erectus and his kin and the fact that they practiced religion, counted, and had combat art.

    Your Inda-centric racisim is well known and I for one am tired of it. Move back there and I'll talk to you in a decade (if Neumonic Plague hasn't killed you)

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    rogue Guest
    All I know is that Foxxy Brown rocked!

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    in your mind *****

    African martial arts

    Here is a interesting site on what it states as authentic African/Bantu martial arts, what is interesting is the section on how to spot fraud African martial arts.

    If you read that section there are some clips on the some of there movements, some clips on what they call the african throw down physical challenge on there conditioning workout, and a tad bit of racism towards whitey if you read between the lines.

    I have a scratch that says these cats may not want to teach the h@nkey.

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    Women represent among other concepts, coyness and absorption. The women’s part of the Circular Curriculum involves displays of beauty and sexuality that are designed to arouse Ashe within the Man thereby transforming him into the Fighter. Before the fight, the women perform and afterwards they may choose a Fighter who had suitably impressed them. This is the perfect metaphor for male/female attraction.

    Men represent among other concepts, advancing or penetrating force and desire. man’s part of the Circular Curriculum involves displays of strength, prowess and sexuality. He may pursue the women symbolically as they ‘dance’ together prior to him fighting.

    seems a bit primitive no ?
    there are only masters where there are slaves

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaolin Wookie View Post
    5. The reason you know you're wrong: I'm John Takeshi, and I said so, beeyotch.

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    in your mind *****
    seems a bit primitive no ?
    In a way some of that viewpoint does but it also seems honest.

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