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Thread: Syn, printed prosthetic

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    Syn, printed prosthetic

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    I was gonna say that shit needs to be on thingiverse lol.

    That was my first reaction. Then I read the story and the blog it came from and looky look. It's all about thingiverse. Love it!

    3D printing changes EVERYTHING!

    Can't wait till it compares to the injection method.

    With a 3D printer, a lathe, a drill press, a cnc and a few other things, you are unstoppable!

    It's absolutely amazing how fast the hobbyists are surpassing the professionals. This is like particle physics back in the day. The hobbyists are making the biggest contributions.

    To make a decent prosthetic on a home workbench is amazing! I love where we're going with this. My ideal future involves mirco manufacturing based on immediate needs.

    Oh I need a sprocket this big, cool I'll just print that shit out.
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    As long as we're making threads about the weird shit Syn7 is into.

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    For whoso comes amongst many shall one day find that no one man is by so far the mightiest of all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenshu View Post
    As long as we're making threads about the weird shit Syn7 is into.
    It's not weird. It's smart!!! And I stand by that.... Suckas!!!!

    But yes, I'm an open source guy. I'm a capitalist, and many don't see how these two fit together. But I do. And I suspect a few of you do as well. I'm not saying I'm so smart, I just have been fortunate to have met the right people who were able to explain these things easily. I respect IP to an extent, but the old laws are no good. You got these software patent trolls going nutts extorting anyone they can because they can take advantage of laws that regulate something the lawmakers clearly didn't understand. The turn around in the industry far exceeds the limits on patent law. So yay, I can use this in 20 years? Who fucking cares, in 20 years not only will there be 43786487 diff ways to do the same task, but it will be obsolete as a singular idea by then. The real scary part is that America is falling behind in the sciences. The next generations may not be that much more knowledgeable than the ones we have now. That's what you get when you cut funds for the words largest accelerator in Texas. HUGE mistake.

    And for the record, Syn likes pussy too. Ahem, SJ, MK....

    Oh look I'm turning into a 3rd person douchebag!

    Syn likes many things!!!

    You're all weird, I'm normal!!!

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    Yaaaay, Lucas just learned 8th grade algebra...!!!

    By the way, that equation leaves out a few VERY important factors. Care to guess what they are?
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    No I didn't! I just think that website is neat. I was going to divide Mickey Mouse by Bugs Bunny....I'm on my phone right now and it won't load that site. I just remember only looking at the distance to Saturn and something about an suv. I'm sure there's plenty missing. But I'll look when i get a chance at work.
    For whoso comes amongst many shall one day find that no one man is by so far the mightiest of all.

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    The lovely flipside:

    "Public safety is too important to leave to the professionals"

    Engineers control the code...
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    Damn!!! The pneumatic muscles are insane! It's a great time to be in this field.

    In the near future, having an artificial limb will be an advantage. Imagine the sensory input we will be able to get with these prosthetics. It won't be long till humans are able to directly experience some of the things we can only sense through machines. This is changing the fundamentals of what it is to be human. I realize this scares people, but then people are always scared of things they don't understand. Another reason to make scientific literacy compulsory.

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    Gettin there....

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    Last year there was a live demo of a printed kidney on TEDtalks.

    It will be awhile before they are actually approved to test on humans, but so far so good.

    They are working on printing all sorts of organics, including some really dangerous nasty stuff like anthrax and the cures for these nasty things. The desktop versions aren't as far off as some may think.

    Has anyone seen the 4D printing out of MIT?

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    Oxford University researchers create new 3D printed 'soft material' that could replace human tissue

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    Slightly OT...

    ...but then, this thread is for Syn7, so what could OT possibly mean in that context?

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