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Wesley Snipes Out As Blade, Michael Jordan Next Daywalker Up!?
April 7, 2016 6:33 pm by Wesley Crusher

A report said that Marvel Studios is preparing for the remake of the movie Blade. The studio has also announced that the official reboot of the movie will not be far from now. However, there are no words spilled from a director about it. It’s also reported that Marvel aspires to film the movie this summer. It’s still a big question mark to everyone if the said movie will be given an R-rating or PG13-rating though audiences are expecting a child-friendly rating.

Blade is a 1998 movie whose director is Stephen Norrington. It’s a story of a person who’s born to be a vampire and shield humans. It was a successful movie which made its name all over the world and gained positive feedback from the widespread of audiences.

Blade could be a big deal for the Marvel Cinematic World since it has wonderful characters, and it fits Netflix’s medium. This movie indeed merits a powerful reboot, awe-inspiring return to the silver screen (with screaming silver bullets, swords, and explosives). The report also said that there’s some confusion about the rating to be given to said movie. Fans will undoubtedly prefer it to be R-rated reboot, in league with the 90’s, early 00’s originals. Blade does have a caliginous character, comic book fans will want more of the “strong, pervasive vampire violence and gore, language, and sexuality” that littered the first films.

If you’re wondering who are the possible stars of the film, here is a list of actors reported to lead the film ‘Blade’:

Michael B Jordan– He has led the movie Fantastic Four in 2015 and played Adonis Johnson in the film Creed.
Nate Parker- an actor, who came out from the movies Beyond the Lights, Red Tails, and many more.
Elijah Kelley- who is included in the movie Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

The film is indeed a sought-after one. And everybody is just so excited to witness another masterpiece of Marvel Studios. Everybody expects another big hit.

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