ADVERTISE Here serves an average of over a 1.5 million requests per month and has a loyal following of thousands of registered users. All of our visitors share a common trait: an intense interest in Chinese Martial Arts.

If you have a martial arts product, fitness equipment, school, or related website, it makes perfect sense to advertise here and get your message out. We offer both banner and badge ads on our main site, plus banner ads on the discussion forums.

Banner Ads
Banner Ads appear at the very top of our Web pages, so are highly visible. Our banner ads are industry standard 468 x 60 pixels in size, and can be either GIF or JPEG in format. Flash and Java banners are also available. Prices are subject to traffic, but have averaged up to $100 a day. Please contact us for a quote. Serious inquiries only.

Half-Banner Ads
Half-Banner Ads appear to the right of our topmost Banner Ads in the upper right-hand corner of our website. Half-Banner Ads are in between Banner Ads and Badge Ads in size, with a maximum dimension of 288 px width and 60 px height and are GIF or JPEG format. Prices are $250 for two months.

Badge Ads
Badge Ads appear in-line with our left-side navigation, so they appear side by side with content items that a visitor is reading. Badge Ads are smaller in size, with a maximum dimension of 166 px width and 100 px height and are GIF or JPEG format. Prices are $150 for two months.

For more information about advertising opportunities in either the online or print versions of and Kung Fu Tai Chi, please contact us.

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Gene Ching
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