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Kung Fu means more than just self-defense fighting skills. Literally, it expresses the highest quality of art, a practice that transforms and elevates you over time into a better person. You may have good kung fu in the way you sing your song, dance your dance, or swing your sword.

Tai Chi is often translated as “grand ultimate.” In the West, many know Tai Chi as a slow, meditative form of Chinese calisthenics, but in fact, it is a philosophical concept about the harmonious unification of contrasts, specifically yin and yang, as well as a powerful martial art.

Kung Fu Tai Chi is the first magazine to harmonize all of the martial arts, magic and mysteries that are just beginning to enter the awareness of the Western world. We bring our readers the full spectrum of Chinese culture, including healing, philosophy, meditation, feng shui, Buddhism, Taoism, history and the latest events in art and cinema, plus insightful features on the martial arts. We are the largest English language magazine that provides exclusive coverage of the Chinese martial arts and associated disciplines.

Kung Fu Tai Chi is today's fastest growing magazine for martial arts and health & fitness in the industry. Published by TC Media, Inc. who also published other Martial Arts magazines such as Master, Dojo, Dojang, and World of Martial Arts , Kung Fu Tai Chi was formerly known as Kungfu Wushu Qigong. Kung Fu Tai Chi is now the largest English language magazine focusing exclusively on the Chinese martial arts.

Established in 1993, TC Media is the marketing group for the Tiger Claw Group, founded by Thomas Oh. It began in 1985 with Tiger Claw Martial Arts Safety Products and Supplies and has grown into one of the leading organizations in the martial arts world with a wholesale client base of over 22,000. In addition to Tiger Claw and TC Media, we support a non-profit charitable branch called the Tiger Claw Foundation.

TC Media has two branches: products and publishing. MartialArtsMart.com produces a wide range of instructional videos and sells retail supplies directly to the public. TC Media also produces instructional videos and the print magazine Kung Fu Tai Chi. The seemingly diverse markets of new age seekers, videogame players, fitness enthusiasts, movie buffs, law enforcement and "gen X" extreme sports are finding common ground in Kung Fu Tai Chi. In 2001, Kung Fu Tai Chi underwent a transformation into an electronic magazine for the Internet. KungFuMagazine.com is the leading e-zine in English on the web, with exclusive free access content published only on the web, updated every two weeks with new, fresh articles, as well as the largest discussion online forum on Chinese martial arts. Now KungFuMagazine.com, our e-zine, and Kung Fu Tai Chi, our print magazine, are published on alternating months to better reach you, our readers.

In May 2020, Kung Fu Tai Chi ceased print publication.

The Staff of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine were:

PublisherGene Ching

Senior DesignerPatrick Lugo

Graphic Designers: Kevin Ho, Chi Chien, Chen Xinghua

Publisher EmeritusGigi Oh

Copy Editor: Gary Shockley

Staff Reporter: Emilio Alpanseque, Tara Ching

Feng Shui Master: Wilson Sun

Tiger Claw President: Jonny Oh

Tiger Claw Founder: Thomas Oh

Webmasters: Jake Hsen

As the influx of Asian culture continues to come West, KungFuMagazine.com will continue to lead the way forward through the venerated path of the spirit warrior for all those who seek. For information, contact PublisherGene Ching

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