Chinese Horoscopes: The Horse

Horse 馬: 1930 Metal, 1942 Water, 1954 Wood, 1966 Fire, 1978 Earth, 1990 Metal, 2002 Water, 2014 Wood

Horse: A relatively peaceful year.  It's best to take a conservative approach in dealing with matters. Emotional aspects may not be smooth, and those who are married should engage in more emotional communication. This year, be cautious of physical injuries. Manual laborers should strictly adhere to operational procedures to avoid unnecessary harm. In the home, avoid placing sharp objects in the southern area to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

“Skills are never taught, they are acquired. I can give you a camera, but can't feed your vision.”
Horse Raghu Rai

“Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late”
Horse Felix Frankfurter

“It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time.”
Horse T. Harv Eker

“It doesn't matter what is flashing on the screen.  All that's important is that the TV stays on.”
Horse Anton Szandor LaVey

“Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can't be faked.”
Horse Peter Guber

“Look for three things in a person: Intelligence, Energy, and Integrity.  If they don't have the last one, don't even bother with the first two.”
Horse Warren Buffett

“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”
Horse Alfred Armand Montapert

“What we call 'Progress' is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance.”
Ram Havelock Ellis

“To do all your own stunts, you have to be so strong.”
Horse Margot Robbie

“It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.”
Horse Alfred Adler

“There aren't any great men. There are just great challenges that ordinary men like you and me are forced by circumstances to meet.”
Horse William F. Halsey

“Soul is about authenticity. Soul is about finding the things in your life that are real and pure.”
Horse John Legend

“The people who criticize I could care less.  If you wake up on this side of the ground you're in good shape.”
Horse Eric 'Butterbean' Esch

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.”
Horse Isaac Newton

“Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.”
Horse Muriel Spark

“That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden.  And then you realize how obvious they've been all along.”
Horse Madeleine L'Engle

“Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”
Horse S. J. Perelman

“If I want to be a better person for whoever is in my life, I have to learn.”
Horse Paul Gascoigne

“I like solitude and simplicity.”
Horse Gala Dali

"The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation. "
Horse Peter Marshall

“I would take lots of falls and you know, get shot three or four times and this sort of thing, so all that sort of stuff. And there are tussles with various characters. I like that kind of thing.”
Horse Marton Csokas

“I don't care how busy I am - I will always make time for what's most important to me.”
Horse Kevin Hart

“Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions.”
Horse Roddy Piper

"There is real value in sharing moments that don't live forever."
Horse Evan Spiegel

"We're starting to see that anyone with an Internet connection, a digital camera and computer can become a star overnight."
Horse Steve Chen

" I would not stress about the down times. That's part of one's evolution. "
Horse Halle Berry

" One of my all-time favorite workouts is boxing. " 
Horse Cassandra Scerbo

" Training in Taekwondo for eight years and then being able to do it in a film was pretty amazing. " 
Horse Dev Patel

"Hard work beats talent any day, but if you're talented and work hard, it's hard to be beat." 
Horse Robert Griffin III

"Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it."
Horse Shel Silverstein

"I've always had a fighter's spark in me. I was born with it. I think it's in my blood." 
Horse Nicole Scherzinger

"They didn't train me to be in the ring for five and a half hours punching air. So, it was hard, I had to get some body contact in there somewhere, it was mostly body shots and stuff." 
Horse Michelle Rodriguez

"Leaders can let you fail and yet not let you be a failure."
Horse Stanley McChrystal

"I think the reason I'm still here is that I was never enough in fashion that I had to be replaced by something new." 
Horse Harrison Ford

"I practice Ninjitsu every day."
Horse Chris Colfer

"I've done archery for about six weeks, and rock climbing, tree climbing - and combat, running and vaulting. But also yoga and things like that, to stay catlike!"
Horse Jennifer Lawrence

"Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication"
Horse Gail Devers

"When someone accuses you of being 'childish," I think you should take it as a compliment."
Horse Stana Katic

"Well, most grown-ups forget what it was like to be a kid. I vowed that I would never forget."
Horse Matt Groening

"Sometimes a person simply needs a little motivation to speak out against injustices."
Horse Kayla Harrison

"I'm good at working, but I'm very good at playing."
Horse Salma Hayek

"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise."
Horse Kobe Bryant

"When you're working and feeling achy and have to get up because no one is going to do something for you, that's tough. But it's yin and yang, and builds strength of character."
Horse Jason Scott Lee

"I feel like in telling stories, there are the things the audience thinks are important, and then there are the things that are actually important."
Horse J. J. Abrams

"When you're in bed and you're married to someone, don't fart under the covers and trap her under the covers, because she gets pissed."
Horse Ashton Kutcher

"Your deal can be, you can leave tomorrow. Soon as you leave, you will be forgotten."
Horse Howard Stern

"Poverty breeds a lot of things. When people are desperate and trying to survive, they do drastic things. "
Horse Damian Marley

"I keep challenging myself, pushing my own buttons, you know?" Horse Nelly Furtado "Only the mediocre are always at their best. "
Horse Jean Giraudoux

"Only the mediocre are always at their best."
Horse Jean Giraudoux

"I look up to my mom a lot, really. She's like the main one. But she's only 5-feet tall so I have to look down to look up at her."
Horse Keenan Thompson

"Believe in yourself, and go for it"
Horse Emma Watson

"When I get my opponents in the ring, I am going to Lay, Lay them out!"
Horse Layla El

"Show us that sport unites by overcoming national, political, religious and language barriers. You can show us a world we all long for."
Horse Jacques Rogge

"It's more fun to think that there are other worlds."
Horse Katherine Heigl

"I don't really prepare. You just do it. You just know it and you do it."
Horse Kristen Stewart

"No part of the human community can live entirely on its own planet, with its own laws of motion and cut off from the rest of humanity."
Horse Hugo Chavez

"Power without focus is just wasted energy."
Horse Carolyn Moos

"When I'm doing well, it's like I'm in a nice little ballet. Everything is going slow all around me. It's very peaceful."
Horse Barry Zito

"On a Chinese film you just give orders, no one questions you.  Here, you have to convince people, you have to tell them why you want to do it a certain way, and they argue with you.  Democracy."
Horse Ang Lee

"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their moccasins. Then, when you criticize them, they're a mile away and you have their moccasins!"
Horse Linda Park

"I'm really open about talking about how green I am and how I want learn."
Horse Topher Grace

"I'm not surprised at all to find among the overwhelming majority of scientists, are people who would hold one particular view because that's all they're exposed to."
Horse Thabo Mbeki

"The young have aspirations that never come to pass, the old have reminiscences of what never happened ."
Horse Saki

"The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap."
Horse Spiro Agnew

"The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap."
Horse Spiro Agnew

"When we swallow a little knowledge of ourselves, it becomes either good or sour inside."
Horse Pearl Bailey

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."
Horse A. A. Milne

"Our affections must be breakable chains that we can cast them off or tighten them."
Horse Louise Erdrich

"Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God."
Horse Sean Connery

"It is uncomfortable doing something that's risky. But so what? Do you want to stagnate and just be comfortable?"
Horse Barbara Streisand

"I've learned that you'll never be disappointed if you always keep an eye on uncharted territory, where you'll be challenged and growing and having fun."
Horse Kirstie Alley

"When all else fails, fresh tactics!"
Horse John Travolta

"Good habits are worth being fanatical about."
Horse John Irving

"Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography."
Horse Paul Rodriguez

"According to the philosophy of Zen, we are too much a slave to the conventional way of thinking."
Horse Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

"They who humble themselves before knowledge of any kind generally end up the wiser and as voices with something meaningful to say."
Horse Haki Madhubuti

"The search for human freedom can never be complete without freedom for women."
Horse Betty Ford

"You can fool too many of the people too much of the time."
Horse James Thurber

"I simply want to reach a level where I will never cease to make progress."
Horse Sonny Rollins

"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out."
Horse Lou Reed

"Never become a star - you'll put yourself out of work. The name of the game is always to earn a living. Always work but never become a star."
Horse Bob Hoskins

"Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition -- in having put forth the best within you"
Horse Henry J. Kaiser

"If you stop struggling, then you stop life."
Horse Huey P. Newton

"Notice the difference between what happens when a man says to himself, 'I have failed three times,' and what happens when he says, 'I am a failure.'"
Horse S. I. Hayakawa

"I think the most un-American thing you can say is, 'You can't say that.' "
Horse Garrison Keillor

"Like its politicians and its wars, society has the teenagers it deserves."
Horse John Boynton Priestley

"Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments." Horse Kevin Costner

"The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism."
Horse George Jean Nathan

"The thing I like about my body is that it's strong. I can move furniture around my apartment. I can ride my horse... I can play basketball. It's a well functioning machine."
Horse Cindy Crawford

"Just have no mind on things and no things in your mind, and you will naturally be empty and spiritual, tranquil and sublime"
Horse Yuan-hsien

"Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinions. But no man has a right to be wrong about his facts."
Horse Bernard Baruch

"Politicians are the same all over: they promise to build a bridge even where there is no river."
Horse Nikita Khrushchev

"All human errors are impatience, a premature breaking off of methodical procedure, an apparent fencing-in of what is apparently at issue."
Horse Franz Kafka

"To be nobody-but-myself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting."
Horse e.e. cummings

"Some people say less is more. No. More is more and too much is never enough."
Horse James Cameron

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work."
Horse Thomas Edison

"Trying to grow up is hurting, you know. You make mistakes. You try to learn from them, and when you don't, it hurts even more."
Horse Aretha Franklin

"Most of us don't invent ideas. We take the best ideas from someone else."
Horse Sam Walton

"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads."
Horse Erica Jong

"It only hurts when I'm not laughing."
Horse Jackie Chan

"It's one of nature's ways that we often feel closer to distant generations than to the generation immediately preceding us."
Horse Igor Stravinsky

"Luck is where opportunity meets preparation."
Horse Denzel Washington

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity."
Horse Louis Pasteur

"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb."
Horse Nelson Mandela

"Truth is something you stumble into when you think you're going some place else."
Horse Jerry Garcia

"Find love, a time for meditation. Find love, a source of inspiration. Find love, instead of confrontation."
Horse Paul McCartney

"A mere life of ease is not in the end a very satisfactory life, and, above all, it is a life which ultimately unfits those who follow it for serious work in the world."
Horse Theodore Roosevelt

"I'm interested in the fact that the less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice."
Horse Clint Eastwood

"I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine."
Horse Neil Armstong

"The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can and as often as you can, and keep moving on."
Horse Ulysses S. Grant

"It's funny the way most people love the dead. Once you're dead, you're made for life."
Horse Jimi Hendrix

"You can build a throne with bayonets, but you can't sit on it for long."
Horse Boris Yeltsin

"You've got to take the initiative and play your game...confidence makes the difference."
Horse Chris Evert