Chinese Horoscopes: The Monkey

Monkey: 1920 Metal, 1932 Water, 1944 Wood, 1956 Fire, 1968 Earth, 1980 Metal, 1992 Water, 2004 Wood

Monkey: A successful year in career and wealth, with plenty of help from benefactors. Despite these successes, it's important to find time to relax amid the busyness, as there is a higher risk of illness this year. Prioritize fitness and health maintenance; the more you exert yourself, the greater the likelihood of falling ill. Accumulated fatigue could manifest as sudden illness. In times of good fortune, focus less on pursuing success and more on potential health issues, which should not be neglected. Remember, a wise person prepares for the bad while enjoying the good.

“I'll need my whole lifetime to polish my craft.”
Monkey Eva Green

“Time is free, but it's priceless.  You can't own it, but you can use it.  You can't keep it, but you can spend it.  Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”
Monkey Harvey Mackay

“It's one thing for other people to see potential in you, and it's quite another for you to understand that and see it in yourself.”
Monkey Daisy Ridley

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
Monkey Stephen Covey

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”
Monkey Brian Tracy

“The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
Monkey Claude Levi-Strauss

“Fortune cookies are a good idea.  If the message is positive, it can make your day a little better.”
Monkey Yao Ming

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”
Monkey Harvey Mackay

“Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people.”
Monkey Kin Hubbard

“Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.”
Monkey Thurgood Marshall

“If you had no real training, if you hadn't spent years and years studying a martial art, how would you kill the bad guy?”
Monkey Chris Pine

“I think people are learning to actually aspire to be objectified.”
Monkey Christina Ricci

“As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.”
Monkey Dick Cavett

“The past becomes a texture, an ambiance to our present.”
Monkey Paul Scott

“I'm the type of person that will do triple sessions in one day.  I'll do Pilates, I'll do spinning, and then I'll go to the gym and do weights – which is insane.”
Monkey Laura Prepon

“It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.”
Monkey Thomas Fuller

“Martial arts have a spiritual thing in it too, yah nuh what I seh? I think it's that qi. Qi energy. Music have that qi in it, yah nuh.”
Monkey Ziggy Marley

“And what is the potential man, after all? Is he not the sum of all that is human? Divine, in other words?”
Monkey Hieronymus Bosch

" Stay wise and the mind is untouchable. "
Monkey Rakim

“Real courage is knowing what faces you and knowing how to face it.”
Monkey Timothy Dalton

“I've been chastised for going into mixed martial arts and backing out. But the reason I backed out was the terms.”
Monkey Kurt Angle

“You need music to do numchuks.”
Monkey Rebel Wilson

"Never be dependent anyone in this world, because even your shadow leaves you when you're in the dark."
Monkey Jolin Tsai

"I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way."
Monkey Keiichi Tsuchiya

"Changing the game is a mindset. "
Monkey Robert Rodriguez

" I definitely got a rude awakening" 
Monkey Nick Jonas

" I did Kung Fu up untill two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. " 
Monkey Gisele Bundchen

"In this business it is about making an impact." 
Monkey Randy Orton

"When you work with chains or any kind of weapons, or just when you're using hand-to-hand combat, you are going to get hurt."
Monkey Lucy Liu

"Injury taught me I need to learn how to face challenges." 
Monkey Shawn Johnson

"We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values."
Monkey Jerry Springer

"I also have some Chinese weapons, but I like the Japanese sword the best."
Monkey Kelly Hu

"You can't just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can't buy more and more because you're sure it's going to bounce. We call that revenge trading." 
Monkey Josh Brolin

"Ever since I was born, I've been fighting for my life."
Monkey Sonny Liston

"Freedom is such a gift."
Monkey Ryan Gosling

"Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it."
Monkey Priscilla Welch

"Revenge doesn't stop."
Monkey Daniel Craig

"These sports are just -- you go do it, and you're doing it on your own. You don't have to answer to anyone."
Monkey Tony Hawk

"I got injured while I was in Great Britain so that might be one of the reasons why I didn't perform very well, but I will not give up."
Monkey He Kexin

"I find it almost comforting to count calories, because it makes me conscious of what I'm eating. But on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, 'Surrender to it. It's nacho time."
Monkey Kristen Bell

"I rarely wear clothes when I'm home by myself. I love making breakfast naked. But you've got to make sure the gardener's not coming that day."
Monkey Kristen Bell

"Fear is the only obstacle that gets in the way of doing what we love. People are scared to travel, to try new things, to follow their dreams. Fear holds us back from living the lives we were made to live."
Monkey Miley Cyrus

"All pressure is self-inflicted. It's what you make of it or how you let it rub off on you."
Monkey Sebastian Coe

"I'm blessed with a lot of energy and stamina. I can't stand sitting still. I went to a spa once with my mom and I was like, 'Get me out of here!'"
Monkey Zooey Deschanel

"The roughest road often leads to the top."
Monkey Christina Aguilera

"Learn to say 'I don't know.' If used when appropriate, it will be often."
Monkey Donald Rumsfeld

"I've learned that it's even - to put it your way - more cocky if you don't say anything."
Monkey Nicolas Tse

"For you to be successful, sacrifices must be made. It's better that they are made by others but failing that, you'll have to make them yourself."
Monkey Rita Mae Brown

"The dinosaur's eloquent lesson is that if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better."
Monkey Eric Johnston

"Egotism is not a good quality. It's not something to be admired or even tolerated. It wouldn't be tolerated in a field commander and it shouldn't be tolerated in a movie director."
Monkey John Milius

"That's what life is - you follow where your heart leads you - at least I do."
Monkey Kim Cattrall

"You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks, jump over the hurdles and break through the brick walls that are always going to be placed in front of you. If you don't have that kind of feeling for what it is you are doing, you'll stop at the first giant hurdle."
Monkey George Lucas

"You have to find it. No one else can find it for you."
Monkey Bjorn Borg

"I fought for my king, who urged me to be strong in my final bout."
Monkey Manus Boonjumnong

"Skating takes up 70 percent of my time, school about 25 percent.  Having fun and talking to my friends, 5 percent.  It's hard.  I envy other kids a lot of things, but I get a guilt trip when I'm not training."
Monkey Michelle Kwan

"I was happy I heard some fans cheer for me, and it's good to go out there...Hopefully I will be here next year."
Monkey Chien-Ming Wang

"I've always had way too much energy so I'm always looking for new things to do to channel that energy."
Monkey Channing Tatum

"I'm going to stand up tall, head up high"
Monkey T. I.

"New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common."
Monkey John Locke

"The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages is preserved into perpetuity by a nation's proverbs, fables, folk sayings and quotations."
Monkey William Feather

"Always be a little kinder than necessary."
Monkey James M. Barrie

"Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible."
Monkey Stonewall Jackson

"Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit."
Monkey Bertrand Russell

"Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts."
Monkey Edward Murrow

"I go to work the minute I open my eyes."
Monkey Lynda Barry

"Don't give advice unless you're asked."
Monkey Amy Strum Alcott

"We've got to realize we are the future and we make of our future what we make of it, and ultimately we have to do it for ourselves."
Monkey Chelsea Clinton

"Creative people have to be fed from the divine source.  I have to get fed.  I had to get filled up in order to pour out."
Monkey Johnny Cash

"For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norms, even our cultural ideal."
Monkey Carl Bernstein

"In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for."
Monkey Elijah Wood

"Consider the merits of the knife.  In the first place, you have to catch up with someone in order to stab him.  A general substitution of knives for guns would promote physical fitness."
Monkey Molly Ivins

"I was a vegetarian until I started leaning towards sunlight."
Monkey Rita Rudner

"We are all trying to get the exact style of ourselves."
Monkey Michael McClure

"To have what we want is riches; but to do without is power."
Monkey George MacDonald

"Realism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real."
Monkey Federico Fellini

"Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them."
Monkey John Updike

"There's a way of playing safe, there's a way of using tricks and there's the way I like to play which is dangerously where you're going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven't created before."
Monkey Dave Brubeck

"No endeavor that is worthwhile is simple in prospect. If it is right, it will be simple in retrospect."
Monkey Edward Teller

"Some people say that I have an attitude. Maybe I do. But I think that you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That makes you a winner right there."
Monkey Venus Williams

"The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else."
Monkey Martina Navratilova

"As you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don't."
Monkey Carrie Fisher

" Fighting, to me, seems barbaric. I don't really like it. I enjoy out-thinking another man and out-maneuvering him, but I still don't like to fight. "
Monkey Sugar Ray Robinson

"A man may fight for many things. His country, his friends, his principles, the glistening ear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally, I'd mud-wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of French porn."
Monkey Rowan Atkinson

"In the face of an obstacle which is impossible to overcome, stubbornness is stupid."
Monkey Simone de Beauvoir

"I wish I knew what I know now before."
Monkey Rod Stewart

"As the biggest library if it is in disorder is not as useful as a small but well-arranged one, so you may accumulate a vast amount of knowledge but it will be of far less value than a much smaller amount if you have not thought it over for yourself."
Monkey Arthur Schopenhauer

"After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth."
Monkey Helene Deutsch

"Mind is beyond measure. Things are given beyond measure. Moreover, in giving, mind transforms the gift and the gift transforms mind."
Monkey Kigen Dogen

"The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues."
Monkey Elizabeth Taylor

"It is essential that we enable young people to see themselves as participants in one of the most exciting eras in history, and to have a sense of purpose in relation to it."
Monkey Nelson Rockefeller

"It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well."
Monkey Rene Descartes

"There is no such thing as having it all - you have to decide whether your emotional happiness takes precedence over your career and fame, or whether you cannot live without the limelight."
Monkey Fiona Fullerton

"The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else."
Monkey Umberto Eco

"The world has narrowed to a neighborhood before it has broadened to brotherhood."
Monkey Lyndon Johnson

"Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything."
Monkey Harry Truman

"The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it."
Monkey V.S. Naipaul

"In the information age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show." Monkey Timothy Leary

"I've simply been brought up being knocked down."
Monkey Buster Keaton

"It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience."
Monkey Julius Caesar

"Creative people have to be fed from the divine source. I have to get fed. I had to get filled up in order to pour out."
Monkey Johnny Cash

"I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all."
Monkey Bob Marley

"All for one, one for all, that is our device."
Monkey Alexandre Dumas

"I consider myself blessed. I consider you blessed. We've all been blessed with God-given talents. Mine just happens to be beating people up."
Monkey Sugar Ray Leonard

"With thee conversing I forgot all time."
Monkey John Milton

"In a rich society, no one should be allowed to suffer from deprivation such as homelessness, starvation and illness."
Monkey John Kenneth Galbraith

"The deeper interior you have the more you have in your library."
Monkey Jacqueline Bisset

"Train up a fig-tree in the way it should go, and when you are old sit under the shade of it."
Monkey Charles Dickens

"The deeper interior you have the more you have in your library."
Monkey Jacqueline Bisset

"I consider myself blessed. I consider you blessed. We've all been blessed with God-given talents. Mine just happens to be beating people up."
Monkey Sugar Ray Leonard

"With thee conversing I forgot all time."
Monkey John Milton

"In a rich society, no one should be allowed to suffer from deprivation such as homelessness, starvation and illness."
Monkey John Kenneth Galbraith