2021 The Year of the Metal Ox

2021 The Year of the Metal Ox

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 12th, 2021. However, the cycle for the Year of the Ox (lichun 立春) begins on February 3rd, 2021 at 10:59 PM and goes until February 4th, 2022 at 4:50AM. This year is characterized with sadness (bei 悲) and fame (ming 名).

A widespread tragic sentiment will pervade this year and the whole world will be full of negative emotions. This is the inevitable result of the changes of heaven and earth. Humans must use positive energy to improve people’s spirituality, and actively respond to various impending unexpected disasters. In Chinese, this is called yi zheng qu xie (以正祛邪) or ‘righteousness to eliminate evil’ and it is an attitude that we must address as human beings. While heart disease requires medical treatment, sadness is psychological. Everyone must find various ways to relieve their negative emotions. In this regard, borrow the Chinese medicine theory of nu sheng bei (怒勝悲) which literally means ‘anger overcomes sadness.’ However, ‘anger’ here means ‘determination, bravery, and justice.’ When you exert yourself and are determined to overcome challenges, pessimism will disappear.

Fame means that various opportunities to chase fame and fortune abound. This reflects in the greed of the heart, and expresses its meaning within documents, public opinions, articles, contracts, and in other ways. There will be a lot of lawsuits, and a lot of unreasonable, rude, and forceful behavior, but it is an indication that world reform is beginning. We must always remain objective and fair. Humans must live in peace. Human hearts must be kind and generous. Vain fame and fortune are only short-lived experiences and will not stand the test of history.

This year will also manifest a strong sense of belonging. People will unanimously hope for a powerful strength to lead and protect them, just like babies need a mother’s care. Losses will be vivid. People will awaken to the many disappointments of reality. These will be replaced by the pursuit of religion and faith, an inevitable global trend. Self-confidence, peace, and calmness is also a kind of belief. Don’t worship anything blindly. Concentration produces wisdom which will enable you to see everything in the world fairly. Peace brings you wisdom that leads to optimism. And optimism leads to courage and determination.

Over the past year, everyone has experienced the torment of the pandemic and remains in fear of death. Adopting a positive perspective, this indicates that the world is on the precipice of massive change. Things swing in the opposite direction when they become extreme. This is an inevitable law of the universe. Good will rise from the heart of evil. The new will replace the old. Every major historic change is a thrilling experience. From the theory of Tai Chi and the Book of Changes, this produces Yang.

The effects of the pandemic cannot be ignored. Medical methods to save mankind will emerge. The virus will begin to become contained after March 2021. Human wisdom is indelible.

In 2021, the climate will shift to be relatively cold, different from 2020. Last year, KungFuMagazine’s Feng Shui Master Wilson Sun predicted 2020 would be a year of fire and there were major fires everywhere. This year, it will be floods, hail and freezing. This will be extremely dangerous for regions with hidden water issues if they are not treated in advance.

In addition to pandemic containment issues, the health outlook foresees stomach problems. Digestive and gastrointestinal problems are prevalent. The magic weapon for good health is to protect the stomach and keep warm. For those prone to cold, it will be difficult to stay healthy. Women may have umbilical issues. Be cautious.

The prevalence of sadness will bring many secret fights. War will take the form of battles of wits, hidden weapons, assassinations, and conspiracy plots. Everyone must be vigilant. As it is said, ‘Do not have the heart to harm others, but have the heart to guard against others (hai ren zhi xin bu ke you, fang ren zhi xin bu ke wu 害人之心不可有,防人之心不可無). Kind people must be clear-headed. Don’t just echo the views of others. You must use your own wisdom to reason and think about everything. This is the magic weapon to guard against hidden harm.

There will be some strange disease outbreaks and wind disasters in Southeast Asia. The northern countries of the world will encounter the threat of war and disease. Southern countries will have greater impact on world politics. Corresponding situations will occur in the southeastern regions of the United States. The north will be plagued by the pandemic again, along with incidents of fighting. The south will have some luck, improvements, and reformations. The northeastern economy will undergo great changes.

From a global perspective, many official will lose their posts and change positions. There will be big, unexpected changes of chief government officials.

Favorable food: Chinese yam, millet, milkvetch (astragalus), bai zhu (atractylodes macrocephala 白朮), fu ling (poria mushroom 茯苓), ginseng and cinnamon.

The three auspicious directions are West, Northeast, and South.

West: Lucky for wealth, real estate, career, herbs, and healthy foods. If you want to make a fortune, go west. If the gate to your home or company faces west, grasp the opportunity to change your luck. Corporate women in power are incredibly lucky – the younger they are, the more powerful they might become. Women must take advantage of the opportunity to give full play to their strengths, secure their positions, and increase their wealth. The 3rd daughter or the youngest is favored. To glean the most luck, make big plans.

Northeast: Communications and public relations can be facilitated. There are great advantages in emotion, making friends and developing customer groups. Careers related to clothing, beauty, decorations, and aesthetics are lucky. If the gate of the house or company faces northeast, this has the advantage of the times, however the external area must not have any sharp objects or Feng Shui evil spirits, or the power will be broken. Young men and 3rd sons are lucky. Companies should employ more young men because they are likely to bring popularity and opportunity. This is especially true for marketing and public relations, where young men can make incredible gains. Enabling young male students for temporary work or internships is a wonderful secret.

South: Good for communication, affection, studies for examination, and making money. When the gate for the home or business faces this direction, popularity and fortune are dominant. Careers related to energy, beautification, arts, and electronics are lucky. The 2nd daughter is lucky. Middle-aged employees work effectively and are stable in doing things. They are the backbone that cannot be ignored. If all these people are deployed well, a company’s foundation will be solid.

The two ferocious directions are North and Southeast.

North: Unhealthy and the constant cause of trouble. Be especially careful when your gate faces north. It is important to improve the Feng Shui pattern of this in advance to prevent problems before they happen. People living in a north-facing house will face poor health and relapse of old illnesses. Attend to medical care and avoid being aggressive. The 2nd son and middle-aged men should pay special attention to their health. Don’t stay up too late or overdraw on physicality, otherwise illness will be inevitable.

Southeast: Easy to cause trouble and bring disaster. If the gate faces this direction, you must be extremely careful. Unless the Feng Shui position is defeated, there will be disputes, harm to health, and disaster. The eldest daughter must know how to take care of herself this year. Avoid overworking and fighting with others and be sure to heal minor illnesses immediately. Older women in companies will have heavy responsibilities, more pressure and receive little thanks. They must be patient and bear the burden. They must be incredibly careful doing things or they will make mistakes and encounter problems and setbacks. Deal with things calmly.