2022 Year of the Water TIGER

2022 Year of the Water TIGER

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Chinese New Year is observed on February 1st, 2022. It’s a lunar calendar and celebrations are held between the new moon on January 31st to the full moon on February 16th. February 4, 2022, is the beginning of the Spring Festival (li chun jie 立春節), marking the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, until February 4, 2023, marking the end of the Year of the Tiger. The characteristics of this year highlight the word dong (moving or action 動) and the word dou (fight or struggle 鬥.) The consciousness of struggle in the world is generally strengthened. The tendency of turbulence is constantly emerging. The large-scale migration of the population and the changes of ethnic groups and groups in the region will affect the regional politics and economy to a large extent, and there is a phenomenon of reshuffling. From the perspective of natural laws, great turbulence will usher in great stability. This is a balancing effect that no one can stop. The magnetic field of the fighting can lead to intermittent local conflicts and battles in every country.

The instability caused by turbulence will weaken the positive energy of the world, and the negative energy will be highlighted for a period.  On the contrary, the spread of negative energy will cause more people to respond, and people will only become aware of it through personal experience amid turmoil and struggle. We need to be mentally prepared to face upheaval and change.

In terms of economy, there will be abnormal and huge capital transfers around the world, and there will be some local financial crises. People's awareness of speculation has been strengthened, and various greed characteristics can be seen, such as panic buying, hoarding, gambling, and usury. The stock market will be very prosperous. Bitcoin will arouse more people's yearning. The real estate market will have a buffered cooling and economic laws seem to have undergone abnormal changes, which are unpredictable. People must constantly adjust their mindset to adapt to it.

The virus will continue to change, and it will take two more years for people to really understand the virus and find a way to control it. Modern medicine seems to be a little helpless in this regard. However, scientific research and exploration require time and verification. Haste is not enough. Good wishes and determination are a kind of spiritual power, and knowledge of material things cannot be falsified in the slightest. To control the epidemic, it is still necessary to find an antidote in natural therapy. Scientific exploration is non-discriminatory. In the history of science, we can learn that many inspirations come from natural phenomena and natural substances.

In 2022, the climate will be changeable, and anomalies will occur frequently. Wind disasters and earthquakes are the characteristics of this year. These are the characteristics of dong. During this year, people will realize the importance of protecting the natural environment, and they will return to their original lifestyle.

In terms of health, in addition to preventing and treating the pandemic, the most important thing is to improve the immune system of the human body. Looking at the problem according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "the righteousness exists, and the evil cannot do it." The most important way to improve righteousness is to regulate the spleen and stomach qi, protect the stomach and intestines, and be healthy if you can eat and sleep. Unobstructed excretion of stool, urine and sweat can ensure that the dross and gas are removed in time. This year is also the period when the sequelae of covid-19 appear. Medical experts must face this reality and these problems, and natural therapy is the best way to resolve them. On the other hand, the sequelae of the covid-19 will also cause many psychological disorders. For these, physical and mental training is the best medicine.

This year, there will be many signs of revitalization in the southern part of the world or in the southern part of the country, and there will also be many new development trends in some southern part of the United States. 2024 Feng shui will enter in a new 20-year cycle, and the revitalization of the southern world will lead the way.

There will be some new diseases in the southwest of the world, so be careful when traveling to the southwest. The confrontation between Eastern and Western countries will continue to deepen, but the sudden change in the East will alleviate this confrontation.

This year is the year of health preservation. Whoever can maintain health well will be lucky enough to get through the difficulties. Whoever does not change their bad habits will miss the opportunity and cause endless troubles.

Favorable healthy foods: ginseng, yam, red dates, millet, astragalus, atractylodes, Solomon’s seal (人參,山藥,紅棗,小米,黃芪,白朮,黃精).

According to Feng Shui, there are three lucky cardinal directions and two fearsome directions.

The three lucky cardinal directions are northeast, south, and north.

Northeast: Great fortune, benefit real estate, benefit career. If you want to make a fortune this year, go to the northeast, there will be opportunities. If the door of your home or company is on this side, you must grasp the time of the day and borrow the energy of heaven and earth to change your luck. This year's group of youngest men in the company is very lucky. They stand out. The younger they are, the more powerful they are. They should take advantage of the opportunity to play their role. The third-oldest males in the family, or males under the age of 20 are very favored and easy to emerge. Companies must be good at enabling the youngest boys to do important things, and even enable students to work, so that many talents can be found, and there will be successors. The ox and tiger in the zodiac are also lucky.

South: It is good for social relations and public relations. It has great advantages in emotion and communication. If this direction’s arrangement is well done, it has advantages in making friends and developing customer groups. All careers related to clothing, beauty, decoration, and aesthetics related are lucky. The orientation of the house or the company or the gate in this direction has the advantage of the time, but the premise is that the external environment in this direction must not have sharp objects facing each other, nor any feng shui evil spirits facing each other, otherwise it should be regarded as evil. This direction is a favor to young women, and the second eldest among the females in the family. Companies should employ more young women with many years of experience, who are more likely to bring popularity and opportunities to the company. Especially in the marketing public relations department, there will be unbelievable gains by using young females with many years of work experience, and those who are horses in the zodiac will also be lucky.

North: It is good for money, good for communication, good for emotions, good for studying and exams, and both learning to make money. When the orientation of the house or company or the location of the gate is in this area, the popularity and fortune of this year will be dominant. It is beneficial to industries such as circulation, transportation, public relations, import and export, trade, insurance, wealth management, medicine, and medical care. The second eldest male in the family has good luck, and the middle-aged men in the company are highly effective. If you make good use of these people, the foundation of the company will be solid. The rat in the zodiac also has this luck.

The two fearsome directions are southwest and center.

Southwest: Unfavorable for health and full of disasters. Be careful when opening doors or houses facing this side. It is very important to improve the feng shui pattern of this side in advance. It is a wise move to take precautions. People living in such houses are unhealthy and prone to relapse of old diseases. They should pay attention to medical care and not be arrogant. Mothers at home, or the oldest and most qualified women in the company group should pay special attention to their health; don’t stay up late, and don’t overexert their physical strength, otherwise it is inevitable that patients will come. Be careful with monkeys and sheep in the zodiac.

Center: It is easy to create arguments, and disaster will come. If the central part of a house is outside the house, or there are rooms, blocks in center, or there are toilets, it is easy to cause personnel disputes, damage the health of the occupants, and can’t avoid sudden disasters. Being in such a house is very detrimental to the health of the mother or the oldest woman and the youngest man. These people should not be overworked, should not fight with others, and must take care of minor illnesses. The company should care about employees of this age group. They will have a lot of pressure and unhappiness, but they are not good at expressing it. If they are stressed in their hearts, they will cause more health problems. Prompt physical examination and treatment are very important.