2023 Year of the Water Hare

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)


Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide on January 22nd, 2023. This encompasses over twenty days of celebrations and observances. KungFuMagazine.com’s Feng Shui Master Wilson Sun points to the precise beginning of the Spring Festival (li chun jie 立春節) which begins at 10:33 AM on February 4, 2023, as the launch of the Year of the Hare. By his calculations, the Year of the Hare will conclude at 4:25 PM on February 4, 2024.

Last year, Master Sun emphasized the characters dong (moving or action 動) and dou (fight or struggle 鬥) which he feels was verified over the course of the year. For 2023, he highlights the character du (poison or toxin 毒) and reiterates dou. The smoke of war still lingers, and instability and plague will trigger large scale population migration in some areas. Du refers to the prevalence of plague and environmental pollution. People have just been freed from the fear of the epidemic for three years. However, we must face new viral threats, and countries around the world must attend to necessary measures for epidemic prevention and anti-virals again. The weak link of human health in 2023 remains lungs, and respiratory diseases will continue to be prevalent and life threatening, especially among older men. In 2023, the sequelae of epidemic diseases will be concentrated in the digestive system, and stomach flu will be rampant.

Dou also refers to wars, which took place fiercely in the northwest, including Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Russia. There will be great shocks in the political structure of the Northwest Territories.

On the economic front, 2023 will be a sluggish year, and the long-standing economic woes will be dumped on the world, triggering various crises. Political intervention will cause a short-term rejuvenating effect, but it will soon return to the operation of economic laws. Overly intense and tough political intervention will lead to confrontation and injustice among the people, and the consequences will be serious. The worldwide real estate market recession will have a worse effect on the economy. People must be mentally prepared to face a recession.

Regarding the epidemic, the world's medical community will find a more effective method. This should be around April or May. This will bring hope to the world's epidemic prevention and fighting.

Twenty-twenty-three will be a year with many disastrous fires. The increase in forest fires will bring harm to the environment and climate. This year is also a year when talents shall come forth in large numbers. In the face of disasters, viruses, and crises, all kinds of outstanding people will propose effective solutions. However, these plans are shelved due to various factors. No matter what, they are positive and bright. The prospect of the future continues to inspire people, and people will gradually move towards a brand-new era in 2024 in their expectations.

Regarding epidemic prevention measures, people's health awareness has generally improved. More people are beginning to understand that the best anti-epidemic measure is to improve their own immunity. Various foods and medicines to improve immunity are constantly coming into the world. The government and the medical field will face up to all kinds of aftereffects of Covid. New medical and health care methods are emerging one after another, and people are confident that they will escape of the shadow of the Covid and to enter a bright era.

In 2023, the southern regions or countries in the world will prosper, adding vitality to the world. The revitalization of the economy and the resolution of disasters are inseparable from the promotion of the growth of the southern region including the good news about economics of Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries. At the same time, the world will have to pay close attention to the sanitation and health woes in the region as there are signs of disease spreading in eastern Asia. Disease will continue to spread from the east of Asia to the east. Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea will all be affected, and consequently the United States and Canada, which will attract great attention from governments of all countries. The economies of Eastern countries have declined due to the impact of the epidemic, while the economies of Western countries, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States have turned the corner and are getting better despite the unfavorable economic climate.

The primary health focus in 2023 is to nourish the lungs. Keep warm in cold weather. Wind and cold are the biggest killers of immune function. In this case, wearing a mask frequently is a simple and easy way to maintain the temperature of the respiratory pathway, which plays a key role in improving the immunity of the respiratory. Meditation is the best way to improve immunity, and good air is of great importance to the protection of the respiratory system.

Favorable health foods: ginseng, Chinese yam (shanyao 山藥), white fungus, almond, white fungus, lily bulbs, ladybells (shashen 沙參Adenophora stricta), daikon radish, onion, garlic, millet, baizhu (白朮Atractylodes), white lentils, perilla leaves, mint.

According to Feng Shui, there are three lucky cardinal directions and two fearsome directions. The three lucky cardinal directions are south, north, and southwest.

South: Great fortune, real estate, and career. If you want to get rich this year, go south. If the door of your home or company faces this direction, seize the timing and use the energy of heaven and earth to change your luck. This year, young females in the company will stand out, especially the vigorous females between the ages of 18 and 36. As long as they can make good use of their roles, they will definitely benefit a lot. The second child among the girls in the family, or women between the ages of 18 and 36 are also very favored and easy to stand out. Companies should be good at placing young women into important positions, from which many talents can be found. People born in the Year of the Horse are more creative now and perform outstandingly.

North: Good for communication and public relations, emotions and affection, and a prime time for studying for exams, learning, and making money. When the gate of the house or company is facing this direction, the people in the house will have an advantage in terms of popularity and wealth. It is beneficial to circulation, transportation, public relations, import and export, trade, insurance, wealth management, medicine, medical treatment, and other industries. The second oldest boy in the family has good luck. People aged 18 to 36 in the company are smart, flexible, and unique. Making good use of this group will get twice the result with half the effort. They will have a major role in developing the market and creating a new situation. People born in the Year of the Rat are outstanding.

Southwest: Wealth and your lucky star are close, and it is quite easy to seek and manage money. If this position is done well, the finances will be stable, and real estate, financial management, intermediaries, and planning will all be handy. If the orientation or gate of the house or company is in the southwest, it will be advantageous at the right time, but this is predicated on no sharp objects facing towards the external environment in this direction, nor should there be any evil spirit of Feng Shui facing each other, otherwise it will be regarded as evil. This position is suitable for women over the age of 54. The mother in the family is quite authoritative. If a woman over the age of 54 is in charge or participates in the company's financial power, it will often win steadily and save the day. Among the Chinese zodiac signs, Monkeys and Rams are more outstanding.

The two fearsome directions are northwest and east.

Northwest: Arbitrary, official litigation, impulsive misjudgment. Special care should be taken when opening doors or houses facing this side. It is very important to improve the Feng Shui pattern of this side in advance, and it is wise to prevent problems before they happen. People in this house tend to be emotionally impulsive and cause troubles. Fathers in the family, or men over the age of 54 should be especially careful. It is especially important to stabilize their emotions and listen to different opinions. Male leaders and bosses in corporate groups should pay more attention. Always pay attention to controlling emotions, relaxing, and being modest and prudent. People born in the Year of the Dog or Pig should be especially careful.

East: Unfavorable to health, with many diseases. Be especially careful when opening or facing houses in this direction. It is especially important to resolve it in advance. Don’t take it lightly. Preventing problems before they happen is the most effective way to avoid diseases. Men between the ages of 36 and 54 should pay close attention to health and take care of minor illnesses. Do not overwork this year, get adequate sleep and proper nutrition. Timely treatments are very important. The health of the impatient person is worrying. The sickness rate of the eldest male in the family is increasing. The company should care about employees of this age group, pay attention to their emotional changes, and pay attention to their psychogenic diseases caused by work pressure. Those who belong to the Year of the Hare should pay special attention to health.