Kungfu Magazine 1999 October
Hu Jianqiang & the secrets of Animal Kungfu

Cover Story:
Hu Jianqiang - Wushu Star of Zhejiang and Shaolin Temple
Past, Present and Future

Venationes: The Fighter and the Beast
The Lethal Venatorial Games of the Roman Imperial Age

The Martial Menagerie
Exotic Animal Styles of Kung Fu

Black Panther Combat Gung-Fu
Closed Door Training in the Five Animals System

Get Back to Basics: The Principles of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

The Tiger's Kung Fu
The Fu Ying Kuen of Choy Li Fut

Lily Lau's Eagle Claw Self-Defense Technigues

The Majestic Creature of China and Kung Fu

Shaolin Snake Style
Seeking the Serpent's Strike

The Art of Tai Shing Pek Kwar: Monkey Kung Fu

Hsing-I Twelve Animals
Combining Mind, Actions and Nature in Softness and Hardness

Buddhist Qigong : Buddha's Modern Disciple Wei Zhong Tang

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing
Ancient Qigong of the Shaolin Monks (Part III)

Qigong and the Integrated Approach to Health
A Philosophy of Healing

A Gentle Wind Blows Hard
The Crossing Hands Palm Change of Ba Gua Zhang

Rumble in the Burgh
Shining the Spotlight on Chinese Martial Arts in Pittsburgh

1999 New York Summer Bash

Tiger's Tale Talk

Tiger's Tale

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