Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine January + February 2012

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine January/February 2011Cover Story
Kung Fu Gallant
By Gene Ching

Old Skool Kung Fu
By Gene Ching

Shuai Chiao's Hand Controlling
A Set-Up for the Enemy's Destruction
By Robert Dreeben

Martial Archery
Targeting an Ancient Chinese Tradition
By Michael Lizarraga

Shape Your stances
By Scott Jensen

Jeet Kune do's Battle of the Attacks
By David Cheng

How to Break a Brick in a few Months
By Clemente Liberto

Approaching the Impossible with the Practical Method
By John Brown

The Little Details of Wushu
By Greg Lynch Jr.

Featured Weapon

Tournment - Events - News
AKA American Open Martial Arts Championships
By Jonathan Oh and Zhao Xiaohu

Born to Fight
CAMO Bay Area Qualifiers
By Robert Dreeben

Lee Koon Hung 15th Anniversary
Memorial Kung fu Master exhibition
By Gene Ching

ICMAC Year Three
By Nick Scrima

A Meeting of Martial Magazine Minds
By Gene Ching

New Star in the Universe of International Wushu Competitions
By Gregory Brundage

Silver and Bronze at the 11th World Wushu Championships
By Sue Woo

Grandmaster Ming Lum's 85th Birthday
By Zhao Xiaohu

Kung Fu Tai Chi 20 Years Organizing Committee
By Gene Ching

Chollywood Rising: 1911: Jackie’s 100th Film
By Gene Ching


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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine January + February 2012

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