Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine March + April 2012

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine March/April 2012 Cover Story
Putting Balls into Tai Chi
By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh

The Five Primary Elements and the Eight Body Maneuvers of Zhaobao Tai Chi
By Wayne Peng Wen

Hunting the Hunter
Kung Fu's Tiger Fork
By Williy Pang

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Benefits of Wubuquan
By Arnaldo Ty Nuñez

Being Mechanically Correct
On Keeping the Essential Symmetry of the Human Body
By Joseph Scarcella and Emilio Alpanseque

From Chi Sao to Sparring
A Moment in Time
By Kenton Sefcik

From Sanda to MMA
By Antonio Graceffo

A Peek Inside the 19th Century Hung Gun Wui Boxer Society
By Richard Loewenhagen

Featured Weapon
Dragon Head Double Whip

Tournment - Events - News
Claw Marks
Tiger Claw Ends Sponsorship of USAWKF
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Loses Two Venerated Grandmasters
By Gene Ching

The 5th Annual WuDang Tai Chi Tournament
By Scott Jensen

Dragon House 8
By Greg Hebert

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
UFC139: Shogun vs. Hendo
By Gene Ching

Tai Chi Prince Master Chen Sitan Organizes 1st New York City Tai Chi Competition
By Anthony Roberts

KungFuMagazine.com presents Ninja Star 2011

Chollywood Rising: China’s Copycat Cinema
By Gene Ching


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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine March + April 2012

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