Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May + June 2013
Shaolin Special

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May/June 2013 Cover Story
The Soft Fist By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Interview with the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Venerable Shi Yongxin
By Gene Ching

Indian Martial Arts Kung Fu's Ancestor?
By Harjit Singh Sagoo

Reassessing Shaolinquan A Look at the Wushu Ranking System Program for Shaolinquan
By Emilio Alpanseque

Shaolin in Spring City Guandu Shaolin Temples in Kunming
By Daniel Chase

The Long Fist of the Emperor
By Gene Ching

Seven Star Praying Mantis A Holy Bug in the Temple
By Gene Ching

Shaolin 13-Step Spear
By Shi Yan Feng

Top Ten Tips for Becoming a Shaolin Disciple
By Scott Jeffery

Shaolin Rhythm and Blues
By Greg Lynch Jr.

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The Treasure of Southern Shaolin
By Benny Meng

The Father of Northern Shaolin
By Arnaldo Ty Nuñez

Buk Sil Lum and Songshan
By Scott Jensen

Featured Weapon
Buddha Hand
Fo Shou

Tournment - Events - News
Claw Marks
By Jonny Oh

The 12th World Chin Woo Championships and Cultural Exchange Convention
By Jeffrey Windler

The 5th Anniversary of Shaolin Temple USA
By Gigi Oh

Chollywood Rising: Jackie Chan, Wong Kar Wai & Stephen Chow
By Gene Ching

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May + June 2013

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