Kungfu Magazine 2000 February

Cover Story:
Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu's Joint Locks-Qin Na's Paralyzing Grip

By Dianne Naughton

Buddha's Kitchen Chinese New Year!
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parizgari

Garlic and Vitamin C-Top Foods For Your Immune System

More Taoist Winter Diet-A Formula for Winter
By Chu Hok Ting

Twelve Animals-Year of the Dragon and You
By Patrick Lugo

Emperor K'ang-Hsi: Warrior in Motion
By David Bannon, Ph.D.

Laoshan Taoist Chi Kung-Internal Cultivation Techniques
Six Joints Gung and Two Meridians Gung
By Dr. Chu Hok Ting

Finding Ourselves Through Buddhism-An Introduction to the Buddhist Way of Thought
By Lama Yeshe

Baby Steps To Becoming a Qigong Master-More Introduction to Qigong
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

The Latest New Releases on Video, DVD, VCD and CD ROM-What's Hot and What's Not
By John Kreng

Taiji and Chin-na: Analysis for Fighting
By Chi-hsiu D. Weng, Ph.D. & Mark J. Wong

Five Fingers of Death-Five Methods for Getting a Grip on Chin Na Training
By Gene Ching

The Talon of Eagle Claw Kung Fu-Eagle Claw Chin Na combines grabbing with Joint Locking Techniques
By Neal Lee

Eagle Claw Kung Fu-A Lethal Synthesis of Martial Combat Methods
Text & Photos by Gary Bruce

A Reunited Jow Ga Family Celebrates-the 100th Birthday of its Founders in China
By Reza Momenan, Ph.D.

Harnessing the Power of a Tornado-The Science of Pa Kua's Devastating Spiraling Energy
By Robert Dreeben

30 Minutes a Day to Superlative Health-Using Tai Chi and Chi Kung to Maintain Great Health into Your Golden Years
By Frank Allen & Sally Kealy

Hong Gia-Internal Art of Vietnam
By Jeremy D. Crawford

Snail Inching Up the Mountain-Discovering Tai Chi Chuan
By Margaret Cubberly

Tiger's Tale

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