Kungfu Magazine 2000 March

Cover Story:
The Digital Dragon-Bruce Lee on DVD

By John Kreng

Feng Shui for Kungfu Schools
By Wilson Sun

Buddha's Kitchen-Dancing Lions & Delicious Recipes for the Month of March
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

Spotlight on Seaweed-Hijiki Calcium Rich and Delicious

The Tao of Bruce Lee-Understanding the Yin and Yang in the Martial Arts
By David Bannon, Ph.D.

Qigong 1,2,3-Baby Steps To Becoming a Qigong Master
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

Writer / Director Glen Goei's Nostalgic-Remembrance of 70's Era Singapore. An Interview with the Director
By Wade Major

Bruce Lee's Poems by Bruce Lee

The Other "Little Dragon" Shaolin Temple's Superstar, Child Prodigy Shi Xiaolong
By Gene Ching

Two Lives Remembered: The Graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee
By Margaret Cubberly

Beijing Wushu Team 2000 Kicking off the Millennium
By Martha Burr

The Thunder Fist of Ba Gua Zhang-A Tale of Two Ma's and the Fist Within the Palm Style
By Frank Allen & Clarence Lu

Simplified Taijiquan in 24 forms

A Visit to Chen Village-Birthplace of Tai Chi
By Mark Wasson

Tiger's Tale

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