Kungfu Magazine 2000 April

Cover Story:
Jet Li is Still the Hero-Kungfu and Hip Hop Collide in Romeo Must Die

By Martha Burr

Feng Shui for Kungfu Schools - Part Two
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Sammo's Kitchen
By Sammo Hung

Taoist Aromatherapy

Qigong 1,2,3-Baby Steps to Becoming a Qigong Master
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

Portrait of a Warrior
The Epic Tale of China's First Emperor Brought to Life by Master Director Chen Kaige in the Epic The Emperor and the Assassin An Interview with the Director
By Wade Major

Conscience of the King-Chow Yun-Fat on Jodie Foster and Love Inside the Heart
By Wade Major

Backfist Blitz
Let Your Opponent Meet the Mean Sting of this Lightening Quick Strike
By Mike Soohey

Luo Han-Zhong's Bak Mei and Lung Ying-The White Eyebrow Meets the Dragon Style
By Mark Wasson

Florida Palms-Hong Kong Choy Lay Fut Master Li Siu Hung
Written and translated by Joe Keit

By Shi Yan Ming and Allan David Ondash

The Taoist Secrets of the Six Healing Sounds

Inner Organ Invigorating Yoga

Kuan Yin Sitting Qigong-Mountain, Mist, Moon and Lotus
By Li Jun Feng and Gong Chang

Simplified Taijiquan in 24 Forms-Part 2

Hong Kong's 5th World Wushu Championships
Wushu Looks Towards the New Millennium
By Martha Burr

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