Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine March + April 2014

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Cover Story
How Martial Arts Can Make It in Movies
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

From The Sacred Mountain to Outer Space
Five Basic Movements of Dongyue Taiji
By Men Ganhong with Gigi Oh and Cat Hii

Modern Fanziquan
With Fists as Dense as Raindrops
By Emilio Alpanseque

The Side-Kick of Sanda
Story and photos by Greg Lynch Jr.

Kicking Methods of the Northern Shaolin Style
By Rick Wing

Strikes Falling Like Meteorites
The Stabbing Feet of Choujiao
By Gene Ching

Hidden in Plain Sight
By Arnaldo Ty Nuñez

Shuai Jiao
Chinese Wrestling Compared to Other Wrestling Forms
By Antonio Graceffo

Sleeve Darts
By Neil Ripsky

Featured Weapon
Sleeve Darts

Tournment - Events - News
Claw Marks
Cultures of China
By Gigi Oh with Zhao Xiaohu

Wushu Dazzles at St. Petersburg World Combat Games 2013
Gold Medals Shine on China, Russia and Iran
By Martha Burr Photos by Li Xin

U.S.A. Wushu Team Brings Home Medals and Memories at the 12th World Wushu Championships in Malaysia
By Martha Burr Photos by Li Xin


Grandmaster Chen Jian 1942-2013
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

Tom Laughlin 1931-2013
By Gene Ching

Richard Branden 1963-2013
By Lavinia Lu

Grandmaster Arthur Lee 1930-2013

Chollywood Rising: Well Go USA: The Leading Importer of Asian Cinema
By Gene Ching


Kung Fu Horoscope

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