Kungfu Magazine 2000 May

Cover Story:
The Stormriders-Hong Kong's Latest Kungfu Extravaganza Breaks Box Office Records

By Dr. Craig D. Reid

Feng Shui in the New Millennium
Grand Master Lin Yun - Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism,
Ch'i, and His Holiness Dalai Lama
By Ho Lynn Tu

Feng Shui for Kungfu Schools - Part Three
By Wilson Sun (Translated by Gigi Oh, with Gene Ching)

Face to Face Interviews-Drum Warrior
Master Drummer Mickey Hart Blends Music and the Martial Arts
Interview by Gene Ching

Temptation of a Monk-Buddhist Lama/Filmmaker Khyentse Norbu
of Film, Soccer, Buddhism and His Heralded New Film, The Cup
Interview by Wade Major

The Essence of Dee Dat Jow And the Shaolin Secret Formula's!
By Bob Flaws

Russell Wong in Romeo Must Die-An Exclusive Interview
By Jose Manuel Figueroa

Spotlight On: Director and Fight Choreographer Corey Yuen
The Man Behind the Action of Jet Li's Romeo Must Die
By Jon Funk

The Origin of the Powerful Lion's Roar Tibetan Lama Kung Fu
By David A. Ross

Meditation In Tibetan Buddhism
By Dr. Nicholas Ribush

Stumbling Onto The Path of Liberation Searching for the Dalai Lama in Los Angeles
By Martha Burr

How to Meditate on Emptiness-Two Techniques
By Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Your Art in Your Life-Fractal Forms
By Arthur Rosenfeld

The Shaolin Dragon Qigong-First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
By Shawn Xiangyang Liu

Master Ai Ping Cheng on Traditional and Competition Taijiquan
By Master Ai Ping Cheng and Sharon Rose

Message from Hong Kong-Reflections on the IWUF International Wushu Championships
By Liu Yu with Regina Martinez

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