Kungfu Magazine 2000 July

Cover Story
Donnie Yen: The Evolution of an American Martial Artist

By Stephan Berwick

Straight, No Chaser Self-Defense Techniques with Buck Sam Kong
Part I - Simple Techniques (That Work)
By Buck Sam Kong and Martha Burr

Sex and Kungfu: Sexual Exercises for Male Martial Artists
By David Bannon, Ph.D.

21 Questions about Meditation

When Mountains Meet-San Francisco Hosts Shaolin Kungfu 2000
By Gene Ching

A Tattoo Odyssey-Tai Chi Snakes, Dragons and the Tao
By Frank Allen with Sally Kealy

Ling Gar 2000: Into Its 8th Century With Its Only Known Teacher
By Ric Meyers

Shaolin Dragon Qigong (Part III)-First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
By Shawn Xiangyang Liu

The Boxer Within
By Arthur Rosenfeld

Tai Chi for Chin-na Part II, Practical Self-Defense
By Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Weng, Ph.D. and Mark J. Wong

Gao Jia Min - A Legendary Taijiquan Competitor & Her Secrets of Success
By www.CultureofChina.Com Correspondents

Simplified Taijiquan in 24 forms (Part 3)

Feng Shui and Your Soulmate
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Buddha's Kitchen
By Alvina Hsu & Flora Parhizgari

Honey - How Sweet it is

Reduce Saturated Fat in your Diet

College Wushu Blossoms, Promotes Chinese Martial Arts
By Phillip Wong and Steven Kam

The Hard, the Soft, and the Seminars:Shaolin Kung Fu and Chen Taiji come to Kungfu Qigong
By Gene Ching

Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai, Jim Jarmusch, Forest Whitaker and the RZA
Converge with Martial Arts, Zen, and Original Gangstas
By Martha Burr

Tiger's Tale

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