Kungfu Magazine 2000 August

Cover Story:
A Diamond of the Fruitful Forest Shaolin Temple Overseas & Monk Shi Guolin

By Gene Ching

Chen Taiji's Ren Guang-Yi-A Modern Master's Journey
By Martha Burr

Ace of Spades-The Monk's Spade of Kungfu
By Gene Ching

Stick Your Neck Out-3 techniques with Buck Sam Kong
By Buck Sam Kong and Martha Burr

Bruce Lee on Adversity
By Bruce Lee, Edited by John Little

Chen Style in Hawaii-Taijiquan with Ren Guang Yi on the Big Island
By Faith LeLievre

Shaolin Dragon Qigong (Part IV)-First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
By Shawn Xiangyang Liu

Qigong for Longevity-History and Technique
By Bob Flaws

Double the Power, Double the Zeal-Wushu Champion Yu shaowen
By Mary Joan O'Connell

Crystal Qi-Feng Shui Power Healing for Kungfu
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Cooking with Ginseng
By Kevin Lahue

Tested on Humans

Warning for Diabetics on Chinese Herbal Products

New York Shaolin Temple-The Venerable Shi Guolin Celebrates Opening of Shaolin Temple Branch
By Martha Burr

Bigger and Better-Florida's International Chinese Martial Arts
Championship Growing Strong

Kungfu Cowboy-Jackie Chan-East Meets Wild West
By John Brown

John Woo On MI 2-Gangster Musicals & Tom Cruise's Kungfu
By Jordan Riefe

Tiger's Tale

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