Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May + June 2015

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine: May + June 2015Cover Story
The Most Popular Martial Art in the World
By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh

Taijiquan Movements and the Thought of Circle in Chinese Culture
By Howard Hao

To Kick or Not to Kick
By Arnaldo Ty Núñez

Stretching for Core Strength and Flexibility
By Greg Lynch Jr.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Pak Mei Kung Fu’s Double Crutches
By Williy Pang

Put a Bug in Your Ear
Ear Attacks of Seven Star Praying Mantis
By Gene Ching

Two-Finger Zen
Shaolin’s Extreme Finger Strengthening Method
By Hou Yanjie with Jin Qin

The Principles of Joint Locks
By Robert McDowell

Persistence Pays Off
Success Beyond the Competition Years - An Interview with Master Jiang Bangjun
By Emilio Alpanseque

Hit Tiger
No really, go hit that tiger
By Dax Howard

Featured Weapon
Seven Star Sword

Tournment - Events - News
Claw Marks
By Jonny Oh with Zhao Xiaohu

Paul Eng 1941-2015
By students of Paul Ng

Darren Shahlavi 1972-2015
By david j. moore

Chollywood Rising: The Top Five Martial Arts Films (of last year)

Kung Fu Horoscope

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May + June 2015

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