Kungfu Magazine 2000 October

Cover Story:
Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang Journey from Sichuan-The Adventures of an Extraordinary Martial Artist

By Wen-Ching Wu

Liu He Ba Fa-The Ancient Art of Water Boxing
By Helen Liang & Gerald Hui

Chan Kwok Wai-Heir to a Strong Shaolin Tradition, Father of Kungfu in Brazil
By Roberto Bapista

Wing Chun's Wisdom-Yip Man's Lineage continues with Ho Kam Ming
By Patrick Gordon

Getting Airborne-The Key to Modern Wushu's Spectacular Flips & Kicks
By Bruce Fontaine

The Talons of Eagle Claw (Part II)-108 Chin Na Techniques with Grandmaster Lily Lau
By Grandmaster Lily Lau (with Kalman Wong, Gigi Oh & Gene Ching)

Grandmaster Pan on The Art of Wushu
Enjoy the Sport but remember, It is a Martial Art
By Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu with Dianne Naughton

My Visit to "Taiji Mecca"
-A personal journey to Taiji's birthplace, Chen Village
By C. P. Ong

Shaolin Dragon Qigong (Part VI)-First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
By Shawn Xiangyang Liu

Kitchen God's Corner-Celebrate the Moon Festival with the Jade Rabbit and Moon Goddess
By Alvina Hsu & Flora Parhizgari

Brazil's Third Pan American Wushu Championships-Wushu conquers the Amazon
By Martha Burr

Video Reviews
-Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, BruceLee and a tribute to Brigitte Lin

Kungfu Under the Big Top
Cirque Du Soliel's Hot New Kungfu influenced Show, Dralion
By Gene Ching

Tiger's Tale

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