Kung Fu Magazine 2000 November

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Cover Story:
Drunken Kungfu
Techniques of the 8 Immortals with Phillip Wong
by Calvin Chen

Secrets of Wing Chun Footwork
Part 1, The Stance
by Ron Heimberger

Drunken Monkey Kungfu
Paulie Zink's Flexibility, Balance & Spiritual Drunkeness Perfect the Art
by Richard Wong

Little Dragon's Lady
Linda Lee Cadwell's Unique Kungfu Journey Continues with Bruce Lee from Early Days to Now
Exclusive Interview by Gene Ching

The Talons of Eagle Claw (part 3)
108 Chin Na Techniques with Grandmaster Lily Lau
by Grandmaster Lily Lau (with Kalman Wong, Gigi Oh & Gene Ching)

Chinese Demonology
The Yellow Emperor's Procession, The God of the Underworld, The Demon Subduing Warrior

Gothic Poets of the Tang Dynasty
Li Ho and Meng Chiao
by Martha Burr

Dracula's Art of War
A Martial Portrait of a 15th Century Warrior
by David Bannon, ph.D

Back to Nature
Back-Step Qigong with Dr. Li Li-Qun
by Dr. Li Li-Qun, translated by David Leong and Steven Lipscomb, adapted by Jonathan Shear

Qigong Disease
What It Is & What To Do About It
by Bob Flaws

Shaolin Dragon Qigong (part 7)
First time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple
by Shawn Xiangyang Liu

Orlando Tournament 2000
Grandmaster Chan Pui's Millennial Event

Sophia The Vampire Slayer
Up close and personal with Buffy' Kung Fu soul
by Craig D. Reid

Kungfu Horoscopes

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