Kungfu Magazine 2000 December

Cover Story:
The Forbidden Fist of Bak Mei Kungfu
Grandmaster "Fishmonger" Qiang & his Son Zhong Luo

by Ching Hing Wah

The 12 Days of Kungfu Christmas
or the 12 Chambers of Gifts
by Sifu Santa

Kungfu's top 100 Weapons of the Millennium
From Shaolin staffs to Bruce Lee's Nunchuku
by Gene Ching and Martha Burr

Secrets of Wing Chun Footwork Part 2
Pinciples of Transformation,Emergent Stasis & Gravity
by Ron Heimberger

The World's Biggest Martial Arts School
Shaolin Temple's Mighty Tagou Academy
by Gene Ching

Winning the Fight Against Cancer
Qigong Goes to Battle
by james McElheron

Shaolin Dragon Qigong (Final Part)
First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
by Shawn Xiangyang Liu

Karmic Wheel Turns at Shaolin Temple
A Controversy Erupts at Songshan
by Martha Burr and Gene Ching

Cung Le makes Sanshou Shine at K-1 in Vegas

2000 Wushu-Kungfu Festival & Championships
Baltimore Success Highlights New Compulsory Forms & New Traditional Organization
by Martha Burr

Kungfu Horoscopes

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