Kungfu Magazine 2001 July/August

Cover Story:
The Rare Drunken Form of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu

By Joe Keit

Black Tiger Style
Master Frederick C.K. Woo Brings the Rare Black Tiger Style to America
By Wayne Carisi

Ngo Cho Kung Fu
Journey of the Five Ancestors (Part 1)
By Jose Paman

Xiao Luohan
The Complete Shaolin Form (Part 1), Performed by Shi Goulin
By Gene Ching (Xing Long)

The Power of Mook Yan Jong
Hone Your Skills on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
By Ron Heimberger

Kungfu in the Malay Archipelago
By Philip H.J. Davies

Seven Star Praying Mantis Cha Chuey
The Complete Two-Man Set of the Piercing Fist (Part 2)
By Jon Funk

The Divine Crushing Fist
The Chronicle of Hsing-I
By Frank Allen & Sally Kealy

Whip It Hard!
Kungfu's Ancient Hard Whip Cracks Down
By Gene Ching

Martial Aspects of Yiquan and Its Fighting Applications (Part 1) Internal "Intention" for Health and Self-Defense
By Fukui Yang as told to Bob Feldman

Nei Gung
Fueling Internal Power With Chi
By Ibbie White

External Qi Healing - A Primer
Traditional Chinese Medicine's Waiqi Liaofa
By Richard M. Mooney

Tiger Balm Internationals
By Paul Kamon

Buddha's Kitchen
Vegetarian Varieties
By Kevin Lahue

Kungfu Horoscopes
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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