Kungfu Magazine 2001 September/October

Cover Story:
Rediscovering The Roots of Wing Chun
Benny Meng Takes Up the Challenge...

By Richard J. Loewenhagen (Ving Yat)

Yau Kung Moon
Pioneering Grandmaster Richard Wan Reveals this Long-Secret Kungfu Style to America
By Martha Burr

Grandmaster Chan Chee Man - A Talk on Ving Tsun
Exclusive Hong Kong Interview Remembers Yip Man, William Cheung, and the Essence of the Art
By Darrell Jordan

Siu Lim Tao
Wing Chun's Unique Form
By Patrick Gordon

Wing Chun Principles in My Life
A Personal Look at Martial Arts Study
By Darlene Pendergraff

A Closer Look at the Five Ancestors
Techniques, Training and Applications of Ngo Cho
By Jose Paman

Devastating Weapons of Tai Shing Pek Kwar Sword, Judge's Pen, and Pek Kwar Silver Hammer
By Chan Kai Leung and KungfuMagazine

Sai vs. Jian
Kungfu's Ancient Weapon fights from Okinawa to Egypt
By Gene Ching

Iron Penis
Not for Men Only!
By Gene Ching

Xiao Luohan (Part II) Performed by Shi Guolin
By Gene Ching (Xing Long)

Young Mind, Young Body:
The Therapeutic Elements of Taijiquan
By Harold H. Lee, Ph. D.

Yin and Yang
Taiji Paves the Way for Americans Landing in Hainan!
By Pierce Watters

Focus Your Intention Yiquan, Internal Energy and Fighting Skill
By Fukui Yang as told to Bob Feldman

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship 2001
Nick Scrima's Florida Event A Winner Once Again

Rush Hour 2
The End of Jackie Chan As We Know Him?
By Dr. Craig T. Reid

Kungfu Horoscopes
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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