KUNG FU TAI CHI magazine - Spring 2019

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KUNG FU TAI CHI - Spring 2019Cover story
Traditional Hung Gar and the Modern Shaolin Monk 
By Gene Ching

Interview with the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Venerable Shi Yongxin
By Gene Ching

The 12th China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
By Chris Friedman

Are You Worthy of Enlightenment?
The Fist of Shaolin Luohan
By Gene Ching

Teaching Modern Wushu at Shaolin
Master Liu Yu’s Culminating College Education Field Experience
By Emilio Alpanseque

Shaolin Tiger and Dragon Qigong
By Gene Ching

Southern Shaolin Tales
Master Mark Houghton Is Back Where He Belongs
By Emilio Alpanseque

Five Ancestors
Functionality of Goh Cho Kun Kung Fu
By Daniel Kun

Shaolin Five Animals
By Brian Kuttel

Hiding in Plain Sight
Long Fist Secrets Revealed
By Ted Mancuso

Shaolin Kung Fu Street Applicable?
By Chris Friedman 

Avoiding Knee Pain from Taiji Practice
Edited and translated by Andrew Wong

Featured Weapon
Qing Jian

Tournaments - Events - News

Claw Marks
By Jonny Oh

3rd Annual Ohio Kung Fu Tai Chi Day
By Chris Shepherd

The Chinese Wushu Sports Cultural Festival and U.S. Challenge
By Gigi Oh with Zhao Xiaohu

10th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil
By Steffani Tomizaki

U.S. Team Makes a Splash at the World Championships in Bulgaria, Winning 33 Medals
By Anthony Roberts

The 8th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships
By Anthony Roberts

The First World Open Wing Chun Championship
By Benny Meng

Jin Yong (a.k.a. Louis Cha) 1924–2018
By Gary W. Shockley

Raymond Chow 1927–2018
By Gene Ching

Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple
By Gregory Brundage

Fast Forward to the Fight Scenes: The Year of the Pig, Chinatown and a Few Footnotes
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Horoscope

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine - Spring 2019
Shaolin Special 2019

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