Kungfu Magazine 2000

Cover Story
Meet Shaolin's New Leader- Abbot Shi Yongxin

The Art of Tamo - Kungfu and Meditation
Artist Li Zhi Paints the Bodhidharma
By TC Media

Ta Mo's Stone Poem
Translated by Vivian Chein

Shaolin Kitchen
Happy Wheat Gluten Puffs (Shaolin Jin Gang Jing Qi)
By Shawn Liu Xiangyang

Shi Xingzhen - Keeping Should Alive
Shaolin's 29th Abbot

Shaolin Meditation - Zuo Chan
In the Moment
By Gene Ching

Meet the Abbots
The Eminent Monks of Shaolin Temple
By Shi Deqian, Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

Shaolin's Tiger Warrior
The Life of Monk Shi Xinghong
By Rich Russell

The Wandering Monk of Shaolin Temple
Shaolin's Foremost Foreign Ambassador, Monk Shi Decheng
By Gene Ching

Shaolin Temple San Da
Monks Shi Deshan and Shi Xinghao on Shaolin Combat Fighting
By Chen Xing Hua

Form and Transformation - Ch'an in Practical Action
By Shi Guolin

Shaolin Temple's Prodigal Son
Monk Shi Yanming's Return to Shaolin After His Defection
By Chen Xing Hua

Shaolin Dragon Qigong
First Time Ever Out of Shaolin Temple!
By Shawn Xiangyang Liu

The Shaolin Temple International Festival
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Shaolin's Glorious Event
By Martha Burr and Gene Ching

A Martial Arts Ballet
Shaolin Temple Burns in 5 Acts
By Ruth Margraff and Jose Manuel Figueroa

VCDs of Shaolin Temple
By August West

In The Memory of Venerable Grandmaster Shi Suyun
By TC Media

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