Kungfu Magazine 1992 Fall

Fall 1992

George Xu and Zhang Xuexin
2 Tigers on the Same Mountain

by Steve Doob

Southern Styles (Nan Pai)
Secrets of the Jook Lum Mantis Footwork
by Sifu Henry Poo Yee

Pa Kua Chang (Bagua zhang)
Walking the Circle in the 21st Century
by Sifu Adam Hsu

Hsing Yi Chuan (Xing I Quan)
Hsing Yi Fist
by Sifu Huang Chien Liang

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)
Eight Energies or Thirteen Postures?
by Sifu Gene Chen

Hidden Techniques
by Chi-Hsiu Weng, Ph.D.

Free Sparring (San Shou)
Single Mindedness
by Sifu Anthony Goh

Chin Na Grappling (Qinna)
Seized by the Wrist: 2
by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Kenpo Karate: Emperado Style
Kenpo Evolves!
by Prof. Vince Black

Contemporary Wushu
Stretching with the Big Boys
by Sifu Nick Gracenin

Kungfu and Healing
Chinese Tui-Na
by Sifu James Sun, O.M.D.

AAU - Sifu Philip Starr
Eastern US Kungfu Federation - Sifu Paul Koh
North American Chinese Martial Art Federation - Sifu Anthony Goh
Traditional Wushu Federation - Marie Anthony
US Chinese Kuoshu Federation - Sifu Huang Chien Liang
US Chinese Martial Arts Council - Sifu Jeff Bolt

Open Forum: Fu Jow Pai 35th Anniversary - Paul Koh
2 Tigers on the Same Mountain - Steve Doob
North Mantis Comes Alive! - Scott Ripke
San Shou Tao - Bill Chen and Mike Sigman
New Symbols of the Old School - Robert Delaney
Standing Skills - Qin Qingfeng

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