Kungfu Magazine 1993 Spring

Free Sparring: Conditioning for the Ring
by Sifu Tai Yim

Shuai Chiao
Fighting Art or Popular Sport?
by Dr. Chi-Hsiu Weng

Pa Kua Chang
Whole Body Palm, or Hand without Body?
by Sifu Adam Hsu

Kungfu in Japan
Wong Shu Ching Martial Mission
by Perry Pheiffer

Kungfu and Healing
Chinese Tui Na
by James Sun, O.M.D.

Southern Praying Mantis
The Controversy Surrounding S.P.M.
by Roger D. Hagood

Chin Na Grappling
Seized by the Wrist
by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

Chi Kung
Qigong Demystified
by Wu Chengde

Inside China - Grandmaster Tong Zhongyi
Special Profile

Success in Teaching
by Sifu Anthony Goh

Jin Wu Association
Finding Lost Art of Huo Yuan Jia
by Sifu Adam Hsu

92 Tournament Gets Huge Support
by Sifu Anthony Goh

AAU Report - Sifu Phillip Starr

USCKF Report - Sifu Huang Chien Liang

TWA Report - Marie Anthony

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