Kungfu Magazine 2001 March/April

Kungfu Qigong 2001 March/AprilCover Story:
Monkey King
Chan Sau Chung's Journey to the West

By Chan Kai Leung and TC Media

The Southern Shaolin Temple Revealed
American Students Visit Fukien Temple
By David Theroff

Lion Dance
A Guide to History, Culture and Technique
By Wes Cameron

Seven Star Praying Mantis Sticky Hands
Connecting the Four Ranges of Fighting
By Jon Funk

Unleashing the Animals Through Choy Lay Fut
By Joe Keit

The 10 Animals of Hung Fut
Tai Yim Explains the Balance of Animal Nature
By Martha Burr

The Rare Black Tiger Style
The Black Tiger Clan, Huk Fu Moon, and Hong Kong Grandmaster, Wong Cheung
By Wayne Carisi

Fukien Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu
A Portrait of the Art and Grandmaster Lee Kiang Ke
By Paul de Tourreil

Tiger and Crane:
Unlocking the Animal Within
The Fu Hok's Poetry in Motion with Buck Sam Kong By Martha Burr

Hung Ga 5 Animals 5 Elements
The Essential Connection for the Complete Martial Artist
By Pedro A. Cepero

The General's Blade
Kungfu's Mightiest Weapon, The Kwan Dao
By Gene Ching

Ten Animal Xin-Yi Six Harmony
A Powerful and Secretive Martial Art
By Stephen Yan

Zhu Tian Cai
An Introduction to the Chen Taiji 19th Generation Master
By C.P. Ong

Serpent Power
The Slinky Qi of Snake Style in Hung Gar, Taiji and Xingyi
By Gene Ching

Martial Media:
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
New Documentary At Last - The Game of Death Final Fight
By Gene Ching

Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love
By Martha Burr

Kungfu Horoscopes
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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