Kungfu Magazine 1999 July

Kungfu Qigong July 1999Cover Story:
Chen Zhen Lei
Handing Down the Family Treasure of Chen Taijiquan

By Martha Burr

Yang Style Taiji Straightsword
Theory, Philosophy and Application
By Ted W. Knecht

Chen Taijiquan's Old and New Frames:
Classical Forms Refined
By Stephan Berwick

Raising Sun of Tai Chi
The Hot New Internal Style
By Gene Ching

The Warrior Scholar Taiji-Wu Yu-Xiang Taijiquan
Legacy of Wu(Hao) Style Reaches from Yongnian to America
By Jimmy Wong with Patty Sun

The Full Range of Yin and Yang
Wu-Style Taiji Quan and Master Li Li-Qun
By Jonathan Shear

Flying Rainbow
The Fan of Martial Arts
By Helen Wu & Marsha Zeust

The Mechanics of Three Nails '99
Rooting and Tai Chi Chuan
By William C.C. Chen

Hong Yijiao's Taiji Journey
Bridging the Wushu World Between Zhejiang and Seattle
By Pierce Watters

Shandong's Wushu Emissary Sun Jian Kui
By Alvina Hsu

Hard Qi Gong
Shi Yan Ming Wows Crowd on Hawaii
By Sophia Chang

Putting The Qi in Taiji
The Magic of Taiji 13 Forms
By Dixie Lee Curtis

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing
Ancient Qigong of the Shaolin Monks (Part 1)
By Shawn Liu

1999 International Wushu Kungfu Festival
Three Days of August Seminars Highlighted by Special Guest Chen Zhen Lei

The 5th Haigong Cup China Wenxian International
A Competitor's Perspective
By Jose Manuel Figueroa

A Celebration of Taijiquan in Tian?anmen Square
10,000Taiji Players include California Group from San Luis Obispo
By Dawn Cerf

Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong
70th Birthday Celebration
By Chris Tabor and Carol Debendor

A Trip To Taiji-Motherland Yongnian
By Rebecca Schmoyer

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