Kungfu Magazine 1994 Summer

Kungfu Magazine_1994_Summer Cover Story:
The Poem of Shuai-Chiao Unveiled
By Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Weng

"The Poem of Shuai-chiao" is a vital part of the Shuai-chiao heritage, passed on through the Shuai-chiao lineage from teacher to student for generation. This ancient poem, along with the ranking requirements set for the earlier in this century by Master Ch'ang T'ung-sheng, function like the left hand and the right hand of the Shuai-chiao art. Whereas the ranking requirements set forth the the proper order and structure for progress through the ranks, "The Poem of Shuai-chiao", comprised of rhyming stanzas each ending with either "a" or "ao" describes the principles, strategies and techniques.

Combat Sense ? Yes Master I Hear and Obey
By Scott Wong
In short, the Chinese martial arts scene is a mess ? a mess that must be cleaned up and cleared up post haste.

Traditional Wushu Association Report ? Weapons Sparring:
The future of Kung Fu?
By Marie Anthony An interview conducted with Adam Hsu

Sword Polisher?s Record
? Real Kung Fu: Use it or Lose it!
By Adam Hsu
Although kung fu today is a great multi-purpose art, its fundamental character was and still is as a martial art.

Tai Tzu Chang Chuan
By Edgar Livingston
Tai Tzu Chang Chuan covers aspects of Tai Chi, Hsing I, and Pa Qua. Its foundation is the Five Element training and the original Eight Postures.

Throwing Stones
By Amante P. Marinas Sr.
Ordinary stones played important, if not decisive roles in many historic battles.

Get the Most from the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
By Phillip Holder
The Wing chun wooden dummy is more than a wooden sparring partner and most definitely is not a device to toughen the limbs, as are makawara boards.

Wild Goose Qigong Exercises: Part IV
By Paul Li
The final installment of 64 movements

Qigong: For Men Only
By Craig Reid
Traditionally, qigong masters would only pass their knowledge on to their sons, not to their daughters.

A Case Study of Qigong?s Effort on Cerebral Arteriosclerosis
By Kenneth Sancier
A rent clinical case study shows that qigong has beneficial effects on brain function for patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis, a disease of the brain arteries

Qigong Step by Step
By Dr. Effie Chow
The entire set of precious Eight exercises progressively and carefully loosens up bodily structures and joints, and fosters internal qi with an emphasis on concentration and discipline for the body, mind and spirit.

The Energy of Shiatsu
By Phillip Gowen
Originating in china more than 2,000 years ago, the Asian system of therapeutic manipulation should not be confused with the Western systems.

The Heartland of the Dragon
By Heiner Fruehauf
I had come to Sichuan Province, searching for one of the last traditional enclaves on the Chinese mainland. The people who kept the traditions alive were still here. I just needed to find them.

Chi Kung Covered by Insurance
Mackey had injured her neck in an auto accident, and the injury was so serious that she would pass out if she lay down. Yet after a few chi king sessions, Mackey was much improved, and decided to ask her insurance company to cover the costs of the sessions.

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