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Kungfu Qigong 1994 FallCover Story:
Full-Contact Kung Fu: Sport of the Future?
By Marian K. Castinado

The reactions to sanshou - a relatively new name for full-contact kung fu that roughly translates as "free-form fighting" - are coming in as fast and furious as the stikes, throws and grappling maneuvers that make it different from anything on the open tournament circuit.

Sword Polisher's Record ? Traditional Kung Fu: The Complete Exercise
By Adam Hsu It's hard to find an exercise that can top kung fu in helping us to maintain health, prevent illness, speed up recovery from illness or accident, and promote longevity.

Combat Sense - The Unteachable Student
By Scott Wong
Jane seemed like a dedicated and eager student, so I suggested that she travel out of state to my kwoon once a month to train, while remaining a student at her present school. I felt that since she was first degree black belt in her style, she could strengthen her basic punching and blocking, and take these improvements back to her school, where she was an assistant instructor. Then it began.

Traditional Wushu Association Report
By Marie Anthony
Seeing the situation from the outside, however, we Westerners should still feel great discomfort with the different treatment given to traditional and modern wushu.

Ying Gi Ga Wing Chun's Three Rings of Protection
By Phillip Holder
When many people fight, the priority is hitting the other person. In wing chun, the priority is to not get hit. In sport you can take many hits. On the street, the first hit may be the last.

The Unarmed Defense System
By Mark V. Wiley
The knowledge of multitude of empty-hand blocks, strikes, and locks is essential for developing an effective and efficient defense

Hung Gar's Iron Bridge Hand Conditioning
By Paul Kah
This trademark of the hung gar kung fu style was made famous by people who had experienced strikes and blocks from forearms that felt like iron.

From Battlefield of Long Ago, to Survival on today's Streets:
Eagle Claw's Classic Combat
By Eric Hargrove and Arnaldo Ty Nunez
The serenity of the early morning was violently disturbed by the clashing sounds of iron against iron, men howling toward the heavens, and the interwoven scents of blood and sweat while the sun ascended over the raging battlefield.

Harmonizing the Viscera Through Qigong
Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the human body is an organic whole in which the five viscera ? intestines - are the center.

China's Ancient Chi-Kung: The five Animal's Gestures
By Sam Lee
More than 1800 years ago, a famous Chinese medical doctor, Hwa-Tou, developed a type of chi-kung (also called qigong) based on mimicking certain animal?s movements.

Qigong Exercises for Health and Healing
By Dr. Effie Chow
In past issue, we have completed the Chow Warm-up and precious Eight Qigong Exercise. If you have worked up to 160 times in the Warm-up and eight of each precious Eight exercises, you could be ready for these next two exercises.

Vibrating Palm Qigong's healing Effects: A Scientific Study
By Dr. R, Lindsay Anglen
This study will evaluate if a method of martial qigong practice actually affects a practitioner's bio-electric energetic levels.

Taiji, Space and Man
By Mingtao Zeng
The world will change if there is harmony between various biosystems in the human body, between different peoples on this globe, and between man and the environment - from which humans cannot be independent. The connection is so simple that it can be easily overlooked.

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